Gundam AGE Episode 27 Review

Episode 27, "I Saw a Red Sunset"

Synopsis: Flit sorties in the AGE-1 as the battle continues, closing in on the Veigan fortress ship. Asemu tears through the enemy until he encounters Zeheart's MS. Flit strikes a blow against the fortress, but it's still able to use is forcefield. The AGE-1 is damaged by a suicide attack, and Flit decides to return to the Diva. The Photon Ring Ray destroys the fortress's shield. The fortress is on a collision course with the colony so the beam weapon is used again, which sets it off course. However, it takes the Diva with it as it heads towards Earth. The main cannon is damaged, so Remi goes out to repair it, but is attacked. The beam weapon fires again, freeing the Diva. Remi dies. Asemu decides to destroy the core of the fortress to prevent it from falling on Earth. Zeheart follows Asemu, intending to do the same (as damaging Earth is not his goal), leading him to the core. The self-destruct is activated and the two escape as the fortress explodes. The Diva descends to the Earth to retrieve Asemu. 
Oh noes! They killed off Glasses Girl! How shocking. 
Well, it was obvious from the beginning of their relationship that something bad was going to happen to either Redhead Guy and Glasses Girl. It had all the death flags. Sudden relationship between two characters with little or no personality? Check. Romance on the battlefield without being main characters? Check. Promising to marry each other before one goes off to fight? Check. Close to the end of this story arc? Check. My only mistake was predicting Redhead Guy's death instead of Glasses Girl. Though there was some stretch of believability when she left the ship to repair the cannon in the middle of battle. That's a little convenient, isn't it? She couldn't have taken a beam to the chest while working in the hanger? Well, now I won't have to deal with this shitty subplot anymore, unless Redhead Guy plans some massive revenge. In fact, I doubt we'll even see him again after this arc. Being Redhead Guy is suffering.
Just so you know, that subplot was complete ass, so the death of Glasses Girl was entirely worthless. Now if they had only killed the both of them... 
(But to be honest, I thought Kayra's death in CCA was sad, even though she was barely there... hypocritical, I realize. Maybe I just felt bad for Astonaige.)
Asemu was pretty awesome in this episode. Going toe to toe with Zeheart on an even level, despite not being a X-Rounder, was great. Then there was his risking his life (even seeming to think about sacrificing his life) to destroy the enemy fortress before it hit Earth, even interrupting his fight with Zeheart to do so. Then he was able to put away his anger to work in tandem with Zeheart to destroy the core. Asemu has grown a little bit over time, and it shows in his conversation with Zeheart in the core. He now understands that the Earth is just as important to Zeheart as it is to him. This is the sort of understanding Flit lacks. 
The whole bit in the fortress reminded me of Heero and Zechs in the remains of Libra, with Zechs deciding to use the Epyon to destroy Libra's power plant. I half-expected Asemu to have to race to the atmosphere and use his Double Bullet to destroy the remains. What we did get was the last of the Magicians Eight sacrificing himself so Zeheart wouldn't die in re-entry. At least one of them was useful. 
Looks like the arc is winding down. 
Overall Score:

4 out of 5



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