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In researching for my guide to the Gundam timelines and canon I took a look into the deep hole that is Dark History (or Black History, being the direct translation) from Turn A Gundam. Here reflects my findings, as limited as they are, as of April 2nd, 2020. 

Huge, massive, thanks to Mecorx for translating this and dealing with my obscene obsession driven trying to map out the entire franchise.

Dark History as represented Turn X's Instruction Manual

The Master Grade Turn X, released in June 2014, has a small blurb on Dark History...

The translation is a follows,



“Black History” refers to the sealed records of the Space Wars we’re told of in “∀ Gundam”, but actually it has another meaning as well. That is the overarching concept that “The Gundam Series, beginning with “Mobile Suit Gundam”, all reside on the same timeline, and their events are encompassed within the same historical viewpoint”. As such, the U.C (Universal Century) from “Gundam”, televised in 1979, marks the beginning of mankind’s space age, and the C.C (Correct Century) of “∀ Gundam”, televised in 1999, resides at the end of that. It goes without saying that the series thus far televised, F.C. (Future Century) of “G”, A.C. (After Colony) of “W”, A.W (After War) of “X”, and certainly C.E. (Cosmic Era) of 2002’s “SEED”, A.D. (Anno Domini) of 2007’s “00”, A.G. (Advanced Generation) of 2011’s “AGE” respectively, as well as all “Gundam” (series) to be announced going forward are included as a part of this “Black History” (“Gundam Build Fighters” excluded). The gimmicks we employed to make this work are “nanotechnology” and “Black History”. Actually, even in reality, history is understood and interpreted in a variety of ways, and there are countless instances where falsehoods begin to take precedence and end up being propagated as the truth. Perhaps us humans only believe in what we want to believe in.


Japanese Wikipedia Article on Dark History

Little did I know, but the Japanese edition of Wikipedia has a full article on Dark History. I'm well aware that the largest research sin is citing Wikipedia as a source. While I would absolutely love to track down all the source material and have it translated, that's prohibitory expensive. For now I'm just going to have to make due with the assumption that the authors of this article pulled out the most relevant information from the various sources. Here's key sections of the Wiki translated, pulled out specifically for my direct reference needs. Text pulled April 2nd, 2020.



Black History general term for the history of Space Wars repeated over a long period of time during the ancient universal century civilizations, and “∀ Gundam” tells the story of the “Correct Century” following the recovery from the great disaster at the end of the Black History, where life and civilization has been restored to some extent over several thousands of years. “∀ Gundam” depicts the regression of civilization to pre-industrial revolution times due to the effects of the “Moonlight Butterfly” nanomachines scattered globally by ∀ガンダム, the last Gundam of the Black History age.


The Black History encompasses all of the stories told in the entire Gundam franchise. This not only includes the “Universal Century” of “Mobile Suit Gundam”, but also series under different lineages systems with differing worldviews, such as the “Future Century” from “Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s”, “After Colony” from “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”, “After War” from “Mobile Suit Gundam X”, and et cetera. Series creator Tomino Yoshiyuki has indicated that within “∀ Gundam” lives the “Universal Century”, as well as the histories written in the vision of the other series clusters.


作中でこれらを描写する時、決まって流された菅野よう子作の曲も「Black History」と名づけられている。この曲は、本作を象徴する音楽として関連作品でも多く用いられている。

The song composed by Kanno Yoko, which is played during depictions of this concept, was likewise given the name “Black History”. This theme is symbolic of this work and is frequently used in related works.


なお、『∀ガンダム』の後年に発表された『SEED』シリーズの「コズミック・イラ」もサンライズ監修の漫画『∀ガンダム 月の風』(著者:安田朗)にて黒歴史に含まれるとされた。『∀ガンダム』監督の富野由悠季は「(「∀」という記号には)“以後”ということも含めてあるので、『∀ガンダム』以降の作品についても認められるようになったわけです。『∀ガンダム』の時代に辿り着くまでには、あと100本の『ガンダム』を作っても余裕がある時間を作ってある[1]」と語っている。また同時に富野は「『∀ガンダム』以後のガンダム作品を描くとしたら、自分で作るつもりです。そうした設定があるために『∀ガンダム』において、ロランとディアナの物語は完結を迎えましたが、ガンダムについては触れていないんです。マウンテンサイクルという設定も“どこから何年後”という表現を避けるために考えたものなんですよ[1]」とも述べている。

Furthermore, the “Cosmic Era” from the “SEED” series, which was unveiled in the years following “∀ Gundam”, is also included in the Black History through “∀ Gundam: Wind of the Moon” (Author: Akira Yasuda). The director of “∀ Gundam” Tomino Yoshiyuki states “[the symbol ∀] also includes the concept of “thereafter”, so works that postdate “∀ Gundam” can also exist. Within the amount of time it would take to arrive at the age of ∀ Gundam, I’ve allotted a period long enough for 100 more “Gundam” works.” At the same time Tomino also stated, “If there are to be Gundam works that depict what’s after “∀ Gundam”, I would intend on making them personally. Because this concept is in place, “∀ Gundam” completes the story of Loran and Dianna, but doesn’t touch upon Gundams. The concept of Mountain Cycle was also created to avoid using expressing “from X place and Y years have passed”.


また、『ガンダム Gのレコンギスタ』の時系列は『∀ガンダム』で描かれる「正暦(コレクト・センチュリー=C.C.)」よりも前の時代に位置すると公式関連書籍などで紹介されていた[2][3][4]。だが後に、富野はトークショーにて『∀ガンダム』同様自身が手掛けた『Gのレコンギスタ』は『∀ガンダム』から約500年後頃を想定して制作したと発言している[5]。これは、これまで公式が公開してきた時系列の設定(『Gのレコンギスタ』⇒『∀ガンダム』[2][3][4])と異なる上、宇宙世紀を「約1000年前[6]の“前世紀[7]”」として扱う『Gのレコンギスタ』の設定と、宇宙世紀を「約1万年前の“太古”[8]」として扱う『∀ガンダム』の設定とで矛盾が生じる。だが、この発言を受けるならば『Gのレコンギスタ』に関しては黒歴史に含まれないことになる。それと同時に、自身が単独でシリーズ全体の設定を決定する権限がないことにも触れ、「(公式が自身の見解と異なる時系列を発表していたことについて)それはそれでいいんです」「皆さんなりに“ガンダム全史”みたいなものを作っていたたければいい」と前置きしつつも「その時には『Gのレコンギスタ』の位置付けが、今言った所(『∀ガンダム』⇒『Gのレコンギスタ』)に置いていただけたら嬉しく思います」と述べている[5]。この発言を受けて、聞き手を務めていたサンライズの小形尚弘プロデューサーは「色々と整理したいと思いますので、来場者の皆さんは今日聞いたことは一旦胸の内にしまって頂いて。次の何かの機会に、しれっとそうなってる可能性はありますので」と答えた[5]。

Also, in official print material and et cetera, “Reconguista in G” was introduced as being chronologically before the “C.C. (Correct Century)” depicted within “∀ Gundam”. However, afterwards, Tomino said on a talk show that he had planned for “Reconguista in G”, which he also worked on in addition to “∀ Gundam”, to take place approximately 500 years after “∀ Gundam”. This was contrary to the officially announced chronology (“Reconguista in G” -> “∀ Gundam”), and resulted in a contradiction between “Reconguista in G” where Universal Century was treated as a “past age that came approximately 1000 years prior”, and “∀ Gundam” where Universal Century was treated as “an ancient civilization from 10,000 years in the past”. However, taking this statement into account would place “Reconguista in G” outside of the Black History. At the same time, he also touched on the fact that he did not have the power of veto over the franchise’s setting, “(on the idea that the company announced something contrary to his personal views): I’m fine with it being like that.” While he prefaced his words by saying “Everyone is free to put together their own versions of the History of Gundam,” he also stated, “when it comes to the placement of “Reconguista in G”,I would be delighted if people placed it where I just said it would go (“∀ Gundam” -> “Reconguista in G”). Upon hearing this, the interviewer, Sunrise producer Ogata Naohiro, answered with, “There are a number of things we want to sort out, so audience members should keep what they’ve heard today in their minds for now. There could be an opportunity somewhere down the line for this to suddenly become true.”



Additionally, following this interview, Morita Shigeru who was in charge of creating the setting of  “∀ Gundam” stated that its setting was created with the intention of consolidating the entire Gundam franchise under one worldview, and during the series creation process, we've made the chronology in a way that 10,000 years have passed with each series.


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