Otaku Evolution Episode 131 - Ronin Warriors (Part 1)


The 2019 season of Otaku Evolution has started! I'm sure all four of you who watch these videos are jazzed about it. Just as I'm sure you're psyched to see one of my patented long introduction sequences wherein I'm just screwing around with the sprites. Nevermind the blatantly stupid perspective on that meeting room (it's worse if you look at the whole thing), I had this idea of a grief counseling scene where I would stumble in and just be really oblivious to everyone there in favor of the snacks. And yes, that was a dodgy attempt at a German accent for Herr Doktor.


Anyway, this first outing of the year, part one of two, takes a look at the first anime I was ever a conscious fan of, Ronin Warriors (or Samurai Troopers in Japanese). Its characters are kind of thinly written, but it has a simple charm to it that makes me remember it fondly. It's sort of like a less celebrated Saint Seiya. It was smart for American licensors to pick it up, because it was just the right fit for animated programming back in the day.


Enjoy Part 1!

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