Otaku Evolution Episode 250 - Year End English Dub Review X

One final video for 2023, folks! As usual with my last video of the year, I go over the various English dubs of the anime I've covered in roughly the second half of the year. The strongest dubs were probably Gundam Unicorn and One Piece: Episode of East Blue, though I think most of the dubs I covered in this half of the year were at least decent. ADV's dub of Macross notwithstanding. (Yikes.)

My bookend material for this year ends with kind of a surprise, but I was building up to it the entire year. If only it was so easy to take out political strongman in real life. But there'll be consequences in the next stage of the story (though I'm taking it easy next year with the story bits). Anyway, enjoy!

Have a lucky new year!


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