Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 35 Review

Episode 35,"A Great Turnabout For Goku?! Super Shenlong, Come Out Right Now!", or "Mondo Cool!"



Synopsis: Vegeta attacks Ginyu, who is in Goku's body, damaging him with his great power. Ginyu plans to switch bodies with Vegeta, however, waiting for his opportunity. Goku manages to get between Ginyu and Vegeta, regaining his original body, but Ginyu still intends to switch with Vegeta. However, as he begins to switch, Goku throws a frog in between Ginyu and Vegeta, and Ginyu ends up in the frog's body. With the battle over, Vegeta offers Goku a chance to regain his healthy in one Freeza's regeneration tanks. Gohan and Kuririn change outfits, getting smaller versions of Vegeta's previous armor (Vegeta having taken an older model to replace his damaged one earlier). Nail reveals to Freeza that he's just been distracting him, and angry, Freeza flies off towards his ship. While Vegeta naps, Kuririn goes off to find Dende and get the password for the Dragon Balls. Kuririn meets up with Dende. Gohan, Kuririn, and Dende take the Dragon Balls to an island closeby. Dende summons the dragon, which is huge.

By FAR my favorite Ginyu pose, the Serene Frog."Mondo cool!"


Mondo nuts!

Vegeta's gotten mondo powerful now, claiming to be a Super Saiyan, but even though he has the mondo strength to take on Ginyu, Ginyu has the mondo skills! Mondo nuts! Luckily, Goku wasgot that mondo keen idea to switch back and then to use a frog to put Ginyu out of business for good! Wow, great thinking, Goku! Mondo great thinking! Mondo!

That Vegeta is sure one mondo bad dude! But luckily, he still needs Goku and the gang to fight Freeza. That's why he shows them the heal tank in Freeza's ship, which, by the way, is mondo cool. He even gives Gohan and Kuririn Saiyan armor! Mondo nice of him. The armor stretches out, which explains why Vegeta was able to grow to that big, bad monkey form and still have his armor. Neato, huh? Mondo neato! Mondo!

One wonders, however, why Nail even gave away what Dende and the others were up to? Sure, maybe Dende had gone for long enough that they may have enough time to use the Dragon Balls before Freeza returns, but why chance it? Freeza is a nasty guy, why not just continue to stall for Dende? I guess things were starting to get a bit ugly for Nail, though. I wouldn't want to tangle with a bad dude like Freeza! He's mondo evil! Mondo!

You know what I liked? That mondo choice tune they played when Kuririn met with Dende! It's the music they played when Goku left Kaio's planet. I'm not a big fan of Kai's soundtrack, but that's one of the good tracks! Mondo good! The other tracks used, while a bit overused, fit well into the episode, too. I just wish there were some new tracks. Are they not paying Yamamoto enough? It's mondo nuts!

Woah, that Namekian dragon is one mondo mother! Mondo big! This is nuts!

"You think this is scary, wait until you see my Oozaru form."Can I wish Daisuke Gouri back to life?

Overall Score:

3 out of 5



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