Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 50 ENGLISH DUB Review

 Episode 50, "A Disturbance in Central"


Synopsis: Roy Mustang and his group are joined by troops from the East who support them. The higher-ups notice that Roy's group is not killing anybody, only disabling them. In the council room, Olivier mocks the other officials for the weakness of their soldiers. She suggests taking over the Central toops herself, but is told that she's only there to restrain the Briggs troops. She laughs at this, as she is sure if it came to that, her troops would abandon her instead of giving in. Elsewhere, Briggs troops, led by Buccaneer, prepare to go into battle at a location in Central. As Roy's troops run out of ammo, help arrives in the form of an ammo-filled supply truck. Roy finds Maria Ross in the front, and it's revealed the person who put it all together is none other than Jean Havoc. Edward, Hohenheim, Scar, and the chimera (save for Heinkel, who is hurt) head for Central. Mei is in Central with Envy and heads to the underground. Olivier kills one of the generals and injures another. Pride's clanging on Alphonse's head is heard by Father in Central. Edward and the group enter the path to Father via Laboratory 3, where they split up into groups. One of the remaining officers activates the white "immortal army" homunculi, whose screams can be heard by everyone. 
It's been a while since I did one of these, so bear with me. 
There seems to be an overall good quality to the English dub of this episode. That is to say, pretty solid performances from the voice cast and a good script. It's not perfect- every now and then you get a minor character with a truly grating voice or a VA performing woodenly. It's things like this that prevent it from excelling from "good" to "awesome". Maybe I'm just being a perfectionist, but then again there are some English dubs which I think are a lot better than this one, so I'm not biased against dubs in of themselves. 
Stephanie Young is a really excellent Olivier Mira Armstrong. It's important to me, since she's one of my favorite characters. You can tell she's enjoying herself playing the role and it's working well. She has that real air of confidence to her, bordering on arrogance, that comes across in the perfomance and voice quality. I really buy her as this character, this badass hardened soldier who lives by different rules than most. She's especially good in this episode. 
Travis Willingham's Roy Mustang continues to impress, as well. He sounds really natural in the role. I even found that his subordinates sounded good in this episode, which is a rarity. Most of the VAs for them I could take or leave, leaning towards the latter. But Havoc sounded good and even Fuery. It felt like a special effort was put into this episode. 
I was even comfortable with Vic Mignogna's Edward. It's not what I prefer for the character, but he did well for the few lines he had. 
Overall, a solid dubbed episode.
Overall ENGLISH DUB Score: 
4.5 out of 5

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