Otaku Evolution Episode 218 - The Big O


I'm not having as much fun making anime review videos as I used to. A lot of it is because my videos keep getting blocked on YouTube. As soon as I start getting some views, bam, I have to start all over again. Maybe you can't see it, but I put a lot of effort into these videos and it's heartbreaking to do have to keep re-editing them for YT standards. If things keep up like this, I'm seriously considering quitting and sticking to written reviews. Not that anybody reads them.

It was about time I return to what I refer to as the "rivet robot series", which consists of this, Giant Robo, Steam Detectives, and Tetsujin 28. The Big O has a great air of mystery, with countless questions about its setting and characters being asked as the series unfolds, and it's fun to try to decipher all the clues given. It doesn't hurt that it has some cool giant robots that have a way of moving and a certain look that make them stand out from the pack of giant robots in other mecha shows. And in this video I try to reveal some of the (possible) answers to the mysteries. So please watch, I put a lot into this one.


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- Penguin Truth

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