Otaku Evolution Episode 220 - Revolutionary Girl Utena


Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku! Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku!


This one took a while to get through. Not that it wasn't a good series, but thirty-nine episodes of anything is a lot for my waning attention span these days. I actually rather enjoyed Revolutionary Girl Utena. I don't think I would count it among my favorites, for a few reasons, but it is pretty engaging and has a variety of different, well-explored themes I wish I could have examined further in this video (and would have if I weren't so worn down). I hope this review does some justice to the series. There are so many dimensions and ways I could have approached it, but I dispensed with the method I used for Neon Genesis Evangelion and addressed a few key aspects of it I felt affected me the most.


Also, Emily King's "Can't Hold Me" is probably broadly about self-love, even if it is specifically about masturbation. It's both. It tickles me that it was used in Steven Universe Future (in the episode "Bismuth Casual").


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