Otaku Evolution Episode 245 - One Piece: Episode of East Blue

I've been meaning to get to the One Piece in some form for quite a while, and Episode of East Blue seems like as good as any a place to start, or maybe even better, since it encapsulates a lot of the early One Piece adventures and character backgrounds. And fortunately, this also coincides with the Netflix live-action TV series, which, as I say, is miraculously good. Well, maybe it's less a miracle and more really hard work from the cast, writers, set designers, and others. It's really, really good. Go watch it!

It's been a while since I did some bookend material, and we're still in the Putin Arc, lol. Something really has to be done about that guy. It's also been a while since I featured Mr. Morran (pre credits) or the Penguinopolis Diner (post credits). I always like establishing that Penguinopolis is a fully populated indoor city. Though it probably smells a little bit like bird poop. It pays to be well ventilated.


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