Outlaw Star Episode 08 – Adventure Time

C’mon grab your girls; we’re going to very distant worlds. With Gene the Star and Jim the Genius, the fun never ends Adventure Time!

You know the episode will be a good one when Jet Black gives a motivational speech for the prologue instead of his usual world building. In fact, it is probably what Gene was listening to alongside Melfina when the healing process began on his wounds. Who knew the gelatinous substance suspending Melfina naked in the bridge also had healing properties as well. Seems a bit farfetched, but this is the Tao Magic, handship, caster gun universe, so I guess anything goes.

Either way, unlike the last episode, things are pretty straightforward here. As Gene heals, the surviving Kei Pirates launch a final assault on the Outlaw Star, and suffice to say… it’s a bit disappointing. I had the idea it would be a pretty desperate struggle once the pirates were within close range, but Gene recovers in the nick of time to put some pirate mecha in their place (which aren’t used to full potential, sadly), while Suzuka makes short work of the leader. Mm, so much for my expectations.

Until I realize the main draw of the action in this episode is going to be the space combat, thus my disappointment of the previous battle is tempered. The Outlaw Star vs. the three pirate ships is riveting animu, where Gene uses his natural adeptness to transfer into his piloting skills. Makes me realize how we never really got MUCH of this kind of combat in the earlier episodes. The combat was hinted upon, but we do not see any of this style until just now. It’s a nice delayed gratification on the series part, it saves the coup de grace on selling you this seemingly clunky skirmishes for our main hero. Then as you watch how it all works you see the little intricacies of how weapons are stored, how they retract on the arm when not used during combat, and how such ships utilize camera pods to track their movement while fighting in space. It’s neat, and this show is neat for going out of its way to focus on these little details.

Of course, this is what Gene and the gang will have to do it would seem in the next few episodes. While Motivational Jet Black makes it clear Gene has to get to the Galactic Leyline, there’s still the lingering problem of money to keep things afloat. They escape Sentinel 3 when expressly prohibited not to by the docking authority, so they’re kindof at a new Square One now after being at a fairly livable Square 4 or 5 at the beginning of the series. So we’ll see what happens from there.

Future Notes Next Generation:

  • Kinda amusing that after Gene tries to have his way with Melfina, Melfina accepts his naked self with her naked self in the next episode without any cynicism. Sure she wasn’t aware, but it’s a good way to show Gene not to do what he did last episode to the girl.
  • Huh, so it was Fred who kinda told the pirates about Gene’s location. I wonder how that will bite him in the ass in later episodes once Gene finds out.
  • The art is really good this episode.
  • Gene jokingly notes how he may as well have 'the Ctarl-Ctarl' join his team. Be careful what you wish for.

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