Outlaw Star Episode 01 – Makings of a Legend?

I’ve a confession. I never really finished Outlaw Star. I watched the first half until the midpoint of what I remember is the Space Race, and then lost interest after that, except for the then-taboo “Hot Springs Planet Tenrei”. However, thanks to FUNimation and an evolved animu home media market which does not sell 25 to 26 episode series in three-volume two-disc sets with an MSRP of $44.99 each, I have decided to take the plunge once more. It’ll not only be great finishing this, but it’ll also be great having a full opinion on the complete product instead of one where I’m “Oh, what I saw was good but I didn’t finish it.”

Let’s fix this, shall we?

Otaku Evolution Season 3 - Coming This Week!


A new season of my chintzy, unwatched anime review video series, Otaku Evolution, is upon us, with new episodes starting this week! If you haven't seen the show, please check it out in one or all the links below to my three(!) different hosts for the series. It's essentially just me reviewing anime, but as a pixelated representation of myself living, roughly, in the world of my old OR: Side Story and Penguin Chronicles strips. Don't worry if you don't "get" the stuff with the pixels, it's just for presentation purposes (though I do put a lot of effort in). Don't forget to feed me hits, thumbs up, likes, shares, etc.


Cross Ange Episode 16 - Interspecies Intramurals

Well finally the show is getting somewhere. After two episodes of world building and exposition, Salamandinay gets a chance to shine as a character instead of be this enlightened figure of wonder. So what does that mean for the audience? It means it is time for a bonding episode! A DRAGON Princess dedicated to the fall of Embryo! A disenchanted former Princess cum Paramail pilot! Now unencumbered by the necessity of explaining what the shit is going on, they can now move forward to an ever greater union through competitive sports battles spanning from tennis to Twister!

The Anime I Watched Before I Watched Anime - Akira



In some form or another, I've been around anime my entire life. A bunch of the cartoons I watched as a kid were anime, and I also had a chance to watch various anime movies that crossed over into the mainstream throughout the 90's and early 2000's. In the early 2000's I dipped my feet a bit deeper into that world (including watching my first proper show as an adult – Cowboy Bebop), but I quickly lost interest due mainly to lack of availability, and spent the next ten years or so watching the occasional big time movie that came to my attention as I did in the 90's.

Under the Cel Shading gets thrashed by Busy Street!

A week ago I sent my series to one site that is very critical of TGWTG in the hopes of getting something other than outright positive criticism, and well... Here's what they did and I love them for it:

Tis good or bad? Also, new episode should be up within the week.

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