Lupin III Part V Episode 08 Review

Episode 08, "Who Has the Black Notebook?"


Synopsis:  At Gaston's grave, Lupin and Jigen meet Camille Bardot, a retired detective with photographic memory. He reveals that he was the one who commissioned Gaston to copy the original black notebook. However, a group of assassins target Camille and Lupin, and the detective is gunned down. Lupin sets up a meeting with Albert to hand over the book, hoping to outwit his old nemesis with a few tricks. However, he underestimates his opponents' powers of observation. Is Lupin's showdown with Albert a bridge too far? Watch out, Lupin!

Lupin III Part V Episode 06 Review

Episode 06, "Lupin vs The Smart Safe"



Synopsis:  Two brothers have invented a special safe that can only be opened by those with the lowest intelligence, which may prove to be too hard for the brilliant Lupin to break into. Lupin is disinterested at first, but is called out on loans made to his colleagues, so he decides to give it a try. Lupin believes he has the perfect technique for zoning out, but when he attempts it, things don't go as planned! Can Lupin find a way to get dumb enough to open the genius-proof safe? And why are Jigen and Fujiko holding heavy objects? It's a stupifying caper for Lupin!


Lupin III Part V Episode 05 Review

Episode 05, "A Crook's Resolve"


Synopsis:  Lupin is dead! Or is he? The proprietors of the dark web's Marco Polo service believe themselves victorious, while Inspector Zenigata is reassigned to narcotics and shelters Ami at his apartment. Lupin's gang seems to be moving towards some goal, though, and surprisingly, Ami interviews for a new, dangerous job. What happened to Lupin and will our teenaged techie talent take a deadly dive? It's the conclusion of a five-part story as we see who really won the Lupin Game!



Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 23 (Italy 25) Review

"World Dissection, Part 1"


Synopsis: Leonardo da Vinci is ready to unveil his greatest masterpiece: World Harmony. Putting the population of the Italian Peninsula to sleep with an audio signal, the Renaissance Man traps each person, including Lupin's group, in a challenge at whatever they are best at, to gauge their worthiness to live in the new world he plans to build. Is Lupin up to the challenge? Is everyone else? A mind is a terrible thing to waste on this penultimate episode of the new Lupin series!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 22 (Italy 24) Review

"I'm Going to Get You, Lupin"


Synopsis: Rebecca Rosellini is determined to steal Lupin III! Challenging Lupin, she springs trap after trap to capture and claim our sideburned stealer. Lupin is nonplussed by the matter, as he has his own mission, and is breaking into a secession of tanks to obtain a certain bill. However, Rebecca's snares become increasingly elaborate, and Lupin may actually be caught! Will Rebecca collect the ultimate prize? Hail to the thief in this competition where even a safe isn't very safe!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 21 (Italy 22) Review

"From Japan With Love"


Synopsis: Lupin jets off to Japan when it seems like Fujiko's in danger, but as usual, it's a ruse by her to get him to steal something for her. Unexpectedly, however, it turns out the ruse is on her as well, because it was all a trap by Detective Ackechi Holmes Kousuke to capture Lupin without her knowledge! While Lupin is in captivity, Fujiko scrambles to correct her mistake and prove that underestimating her is a mistake! It's a contest of deception as the woman called Fujiko Mine shows she's every bit as formidable as the man who loves her!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 20 (Italy 21) Review

"To Hear You Sing Again"


Synopsis: A Fiat 500 "Topolino" that was owned by singer Nora Anita is stolen by none other than Lupin III! The singer is close to death and her husband simply wanted to get rid of it, but the broker insists no harm come to it in any attempt to recover it, hindering Inspector Zenigata. Lupin has partnered with Fujiko to fence the car, but all is not as it seems, and a romantic Lupin may have his own reasons for stealing it. On the road of time, can fond memories keep the motor running? Lupin goes on a drive singing "Let's Go For A Walk" in this mellow but emotional new caper!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 19 (Italy 20) Review

"Dragons Sleep Soundly"


Synopsis: Just when he thought he was out, they pull him back in! Nix's short-lived retirement dissolves when his boss, Gibons, forces him into a mission to retrieve a disc with a list of MI6 agents stolen by a mercenary named Fox. Fox is having trouble decoding the disc, and now both Nix and Lupin are looking to steal it from him. The world's greatest thief is tired of having British intelligence on his back, and having the list would be a trump card. But MI6 is determined to either recover the disc or kill everyone reaching for it. Can Lupin beat the odds and get the list or will Fox kill him irst? Or will Nix? Or will...? When the Dragon Tail's been stepped on, it's bound to bite!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 18 (Italy 19) Review

"The First Supper"


Synopsis: Art is never finished, only abandoned! Strange portraits of the Lupin group, and even Rebecca, begin to appear on the side of buildings. Lupin is approached by both Nix and Inspector Zenigata in inquiry, but Lupin has only one idea: go to the Santa Maria delle Grazie Basilica. It is there where a several course feast has been prepared for them and even Nix's boss at the MI6. As the meal is eaten, Lupin pieces together that this has something to do with Uraga's research and British intelligence. But just who is their enigmatic host and what does he have planned for the diners in this holy abode? It'll take a true Renaissance Man to uncover the truth in this matter!

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