Chuck Norris, Traitor…

Apparently, famous internet meme and Conan O'Brien time filler Chuck Norris is hoping Texas secedes from the United States, and says he would be the president of it should it come to that.

According to him, because of the way things are (aka, black liberal in the White House, which doesn't suit Texans), there may be a need for a new Civil War.

Know what, Chuck? Go ahead. Secede. I want Texas to secede. Let's hope it does, so we can gather all the fuckwits that would follow you into one place and have a good excuse to obliterate every one of them. The military would be immediately dispatched and nuke the shit out of Texas until it's a huge smoking crater, thus taking care of our immigration problems by creating a natural barrier between us and Mexico.

So, go on, secede. But guess what? America doesn't karate chop. We bomb.

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