How are you gentlemen?

Gentlemen, I like Pokémon.
Gentlemen, I like Pokémon.

Gentlemen, I love Pokémon.

I like Turtwig.
I liek Mudkips (who doesn't?).
I like aggresive Pokémon.
I like defensive Pokémon.

In fields, on bicycle roads, in caves, on tundra, in desert, on sea, in sky, in mud, in abandoned power plants.

I like single battles, I like earning money. I like withdrawing, I like changing up. I like running away from wild Pokémon too strong for my newbies. I love every aspect of Pokémon, save for the cartoon past the first season, or the puzzle games.

I like blowing away the Bug-Types with Thunder.

When an enemy loses all his HP, my heart dances.

I like crushing the enemy Pokémon with the Blastoise saved in my Silver game.

When I mowed down the Elite Four, who fled screaming from their headquarters, with a team of level 100 Pokémon, my heart leapt.

I like when I look at my Gym Badges in their case, all in line.

I remember being moved when seeing new trainers, filled with panic, losing battles with me over and over.

Seeing an a weakened Pokémon being captured by a Great Ball is unendurably exciting.

Seeing a captured Pokémon's stats as I plan to change its techniques is spectacular.

When the pitiful Team Rocket came bravely with their weak Pokémon and I destroyed them with my Psychic-Types, Water-Types, and legendary birds, I was at my height.

Gentlemen, I desire a Pokémon battle that is like hell.

Gentlemen, my companions in the battalion, who follow me, gentlemen, what do you desire?

Do you desire Pokémon matches as well?

Do you desire a Pokémon match of no mercy?

Do you desire a match that stretches the limits of Steel-Types, Flying-Types, Electric-Types, and Fire-Types to the limit, one that will kill all the Murkrows on this planet?

Very well.

Then we shall have a match.

We used all the strength in our bodies to clench our fists. But for us, who have waited in the depths of this darkness for half a century, a mere Pokémon match is not enough!

It must be a great Pokémon battle!!

A wholehearted great Pokémon battle!!

We are nothing more than a thousand remaining trainers of a battalion, but I believe you are all veterans, each worth a thousand trainers.

In that case, including me, we are a million and one strong.

Let us drive away those that have forgotten us, let us play the Pokéflute for those who have fallen in their sleep.

Let us pull them up by their hair and pry their eyes open and make them remember.

Let us remind them of the taste of Lopal berries.

Let us remind them of the sound of our bicycle spires.

Let us remind them that there are things between heaven and earth that they never dreamt possible.

With a kampf-gruppe of trainers 1000 strong, we will burn the world down!
Second Operation Diamond: begin.

Here we go, gentlemen.

(110 hours of fucking Diamond, and I still haven't beaten it. No, no, I won't grow up.)

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