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Dragon Ball Z Kai Buu Arc Trailer



I wish we had a posting system that wasn't total cock cheese. Honestly, if you can see this post it's only because I pressed random things until it worked.

Anyway, if I can get it to work, I'll blog this new arc of Kai. I also plan to review that fucking terrible Rebuild of Evangelion 3 once Funimation squeezes that out of its anus. You Can (Not) Believe Somebody Was Paid Money To Write That Shit.

Also, I might blog the new Tomino Gundam show, but I'm taking a cautious approach until I can get more information on it. With Tomino, it can either be amazing or go very, very wrong.


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Trailer


Premise: Some God of Destruction awakens from a long sleep, discovers someone has defeated Freeza, and decides the universe needs balance (which I guess Freeza was providing by being a dick?) and challenges Goku. Despite the participation of Akira Toriyama himself in the development of this new movie, the same DBZ formula is likely to follow.


I wonder how Kaio got a new planet. The Kaioshins, perhaps? 


The first person to complain about Goku's voice, I shall stab that person in their very soul. (Though to be honest, the Kamehameha in the end isn't Nozawa's best work.)

Clips of Episode of Bardock

How am I supposed to believe that Bardock can become a Super Saiyan? He's a low-class warrior who couldn't even scratch Freeza. Goku at least had trained in 100x gravity and had a zenkai. This is a stupifyingly retarded idea. I like the new animation, though.

DBZ Swag for Sale

A fellow /toy/man is trying to sell of his massive collection of Dragon Ball figures and assorted merchandise. Since we get a fair share of DBZ fans I offered to help him spread the word. Take a look at his collection...

Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 28 Review

Episode 28, "The Super Decisive Battle Draws Near! The Ginyu Special-Squad Has Arrived!" *****SPOILERS*****

Synopsis: Gohan and Kuririn fly towards Saichoro's place. Vegeta detects them and pursues. On the ship to Namek, Goku decides he's finished training and rests. Kuririn decides to stay behind and distract Vegeta while Gohan goes to get his hidden power unlocked. Vegeta doesn't fall for it and heads off to Saichoro's. Gohan is powered up, but Vegeta isn't impressed. Then everyone feels five powers arrive on the planet. Vegeta knows who they are: the Ginyu Special Forces.

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