Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Kai- Episode 09 Review

Episode 9, "Yamcha's Hard Struggle! The Terrifying Saibamen"

Synopsis: Vegeta and Nappa, now on Earth, use their scouters to find the two strongest ki on the planet- Piccolo and Gohan. Kururin joins them just as the Saiyans find them. Nappa plants strange creatures called Saibamen. Tenshinhan, Chouzu, and Yamcha arrive, and they decide to each go one-on-one with the six creatures. Tenshinhan easily defeats his opponent, which Vegeta finishes off to motivate the others. Yamcha seemingly defeats his, but it recovers and grabs onto him, self-destructing. The blast kills Yamcha, angering Kururin, who prepares an attack of his own.

Dragon Ball Z Kai- Episode 07 Review

Episode 7, "Battle with 10-Fold Gravity! Goku, Your Training is a Footrace"


Synopsis: Goku, wearing his weighted clothing, chases Bubbles across Kaio-sama's planet, eventually catching him. Meanwhile, Piccolo trains Gohan in battle. Kururin, Tenshinhan, Chouzu, Yamcha, and Yajirobe continue to train at Kami's palace. Back at Kaio's planet, Kaio gives Goku a new test: to hit his grasshopper friend Gregory with a heavy mallet. Goku manages to complete this task, prompting Kaio to begin Goku's real training.


Dragon Ball Z Kai- Episode 06 Review

Episode 6, "Finally Reached the End! The Strange Exam of Kaio-sama"


Synopsis: Time passes, and little Gohan has grown acostumed in living in the wilderness, prompting Piccolo to start his formal battle training. Meanwhile, Goku reaches the end of Snake Way, and a small little planetoid with extremely high gravity, the home of the word pun-loving Kaio-sama. Requesting training from him, Goku's first task is to adjust to the planet's gravity by catching Kaio's monkey friend, Bubbles.


Dragon Ball Z Kai- Episode 05 Review

Episode 5, "Wilderness Survival! The Moon Awakens Son Gohan"


Synopsis: Piccolo leaves Gohan in the wilderness to survive on his own for six months, much to the child's distress. Kami contemplates on the change in Piccolo and his pending death. Goku continues down Snake Way, nearly falling off and discovering that below lies a whirlpool to Hell. Master Roshi informs Chi-Chi and Ox King of the current situation. Gohan transforms when he gets a glance of the full moon, but Piccolo destroys the moon and removes his tail to prevent it from happening again.


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