Dragon Ball Z Kai Volume 1 Blu-ray Ending and Preview

Some comments on this video: The scripting is a little wonky here, sounding a lot like the Ultimate Uncut Edition script. When we're given the shot of Vegeta on the rock Nappa asks Vegeta if he wants to kill the group, but in Japanese (at least, according to fansubs, so take it with a grain of salt), Nappa's just saying he's having difficulty standing still and waiting. Chris Sabat's Vegeta is a lot smoother, a lot more natural than it had previously been, but I still dislike his Piccolo. And Nappa, for some reason, sounds hyper.

Dragon Ball Z Kai Volume 1 Blu-ray Menu and Recap

A few comments on this clip: First, the menu seems okay. Kind of plain, but all right. Second, the narrator sounds a bit like Brice Armstrong (though I know it's not him), which is pretty good. Sorry, Mr. Schemmel. That singing is just bizarre sounding. I wasn't a big fan of "Dragon Soul" to begin with, and this rendition didn't help. Checking the fansubs, the narration is very similar to the Japanese one, so that's a good sign. Even what Vegeta said was on target.

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