Amazon Web Services

Testing out Amazon Web Services

For some odd reason I'm always tweaking the site in December. Last year it as all kinds of much needed upgrades and special features. This year it's something a lot more dangerous, a move to Amazon Web Services!

Well, it's not really that dangerous, since the original instance of this site is still running on the old server. But this extended test on AWS is fraught with a bit of danger since I haven't a clue what the sort of resources the site needs to run on a daily basis. The site is currently sitting in the lowest tier, simply due to cost. Hopefully this will be enough because the next higher will seriously overstep the ad revenue.

On the bright side, the site should be running a tad quicker. At least according to various websites out there that measure that sort of thing. While it is a small instance, at least the database is now local and the resources (more or less, from a cloud prospective) dedicated.


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