Batman Eternal #19 Review


I wish this was the interior art.

Otaku Evolution Episode 15 - Silent Möbius: The Movie

It is indeed a wicked game.

Batman Eternal #18 Review


The sewers are creepy, Jason is cheeky, and a toy shop is freaky in the eighteenth entry in DC's weekly Batman series. Jason talks Babs up as she falls into a trap, things get tense in Blackgate, we find out what happened to Killer Croc after Arkham War, and Batman is actually a character in this book again! What a week. Too bad the art is kind of... ehhh. Middling. It varies from page to page.

Otaku Evolution Episode 14 - Mobile Suit Gundam F91

How's my microphone working out? I know I need to work on audio mixing.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods Theater Experience

"Great Flaming Dragon Balls! A Theatrical Experience!! Penguin Truth Enjoys A DBZ Dub!!!"




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