Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 17 (Italy 18) Review

"The Murdering Marionette"

Mechanicore - Tief Stürmer/Deep Striker Kit Review Part 2: Head and Torso (Steps 1 through 5)

NOTE - This article is currently a WIP. It's available for public viewing in this initial state to help collaboration with folks who're ahead or at the same build point as I am.


Welcome back to my multi-part review of the of Mechanicore’s 1/100 scale Tief Stürmer. In this section I'm going to review the head and primary torso components, sections 1 through 5.


Mechanicore - Tief Stürmer Review - Introduction 15


Batman & Robin Eternal #17 Review

"Shit, I knew I dropped the Batmobile's keys somewhere around here."


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