Stripping the Hyaku Shiki

Stripping the Hyaku Shiki


Recently the great Gamera Baenre posted to /r/Gunpla about how he was stripping the gold coating from the new Hyaku Shiki 2.0. He didn't post a full tutorial on the process, and since I just used the same process on a my upcoming Hyaku Shiki 2.0 build, I figured I do a quick tutorial myself for folks with questions.

The process is really easy. All you need is...

PG Unicorn Gundam - The One Week Build

Last weekend I started out on an ambitious build. Well, the build itself wasn't so nuts, the time frame was. The goal was to build a PG Unicorn in one week. Here's how things turned out...


My one week PG Unicorn build. For more info on this build visit


Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie Trailer


I'm looking forward to this. Arise gets a bad rep, but that's just because it isn't SAC. Or maybe because it's too much like SAC, and yet isn't. I sort of understand, but they're both good, and I think people just dismissed it out of hand because neither Oshii nor Kamiyama were handling this. But it honestly looks like it'll be even better than the previous Arise entries at the very least.

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