Otaku Evolution Episode 249 - (Top 10) Favorite Anime Fights

I can only imagine the deviant debauchery you disgusting, rotting, booze-bloated wastrels are participating in this holiday season. You're making the headless statue of Baphomet weep with joy and anguish as you drip the hot candle wax on the genitals of your willing, but bound, sacrifice to the dark ones, sneering with contempt for human life as you spit in the milk of human kindness and charity with your godless rituals. Long have you stripped these holy days of their reverent luster, replacing it with the cheap, gaudy sexual thrill of breads and circuses, with their fala-lala and ring-a-ding-ding. You're on Santa's naughty list. You haven't contributed a single fucking penny to my Patreon, either. For shame.

Anyway, enjoy this top 10 list of my favorite anime fights!


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- Penguin Truth


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