Real Grade Zeong - Gundam Base Limited Clear

Well fuck, I guess I haven't really painted anything in the better part of two years. The one kit I did paint in 2023 was this, the RG Zeong with the Gundam Base Limited clear colour armor.

In the grand scheme of things this is a pretty basic build. Gun Metal across everything, then various details made of gold, silver, and copper. I also used some third party effect pieces, as the Last Shooting official set is incredibly expensive. The pieces themselves had to be sanded quite a bit to get rid of the mold seams and were then painted including an orange clear wash to add some depth. Oh, and I forgot, I also added a bunch of metal effect pieces 'cause why not.

Main contribution is a piece of aluminum wire, painted black, which is flexible while being strong enough to hold up the Zeong's arm without need any extra support.

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