Darker Than Black

Otaku Evolution Episode 108 - Year End English Dub Review IV

It's been quite a year here on Otaku Evolution. Shuffling videos from platform to platform because of Copyright Dragons, re-recording reviews for quality, reaching my 100th episode, and just generally being exhausted and largely unsuccessful. I may have extended my viewer base, though, which means I think now... *checks notes* 12 people regularly watch these. Maybe by this time next year, I'll have 16! Grabbing for that brass ring.


But anyway, as usual, this is a review of the English dubs for the anime I covered since my Mid Season English Dub Review plus some of that wonderful bookend material I love to afflict upon myself and others. Flying fortresses! Penguins! Plot threads from my old comic strips nobody will remember!


At least none of the dubs were too bad. Or is that a shame? I can't tell.

Otaku Evolution Episode 98 - Darker Than Black

You know, two weeks later, I cannot even remember the why's and how's of the opening sequence I made with the casino. You'd think I'd be building up to some big thing for my 100th episode, but believe me when I say, I have no damn idea what I'm doing for that one. Even so, Darker than Black is a pretty good show, and I enjoyed rewatching it for the same reason I enjoy rewatching stuff like Deadman Wonderland and Tokyo ESP: dumb fun with super powers. It's not some sweeping epic like FMA where the specialty ability folks get some big character arcs and there's a carefully crafted vision, but it's a pleasure to watch nevertheless, even if it isn't as enriching.

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