11 Features Snow Leopard Needs To Have

With the eventual release of Apple's OSX "Snow Leopard" there are a few things I'd like to see added along the the current slurry of performance updates. Before I get into the features I believe it'd be in best interest to mention where I'm coming from with these suggestions. I'm not an Apple fanboy (or Microsoft/Linux fanboys for that matter) and feel that of the three main OS"s out there each has it's pros and cons. I got my first Mac (a beautiful 24in iMac which I adore) just over 7 months ago and things, for the most part, have been good since. I figured I know nothing about OSX so I might as well be a big geek, get one, and see how things go. Better to know multiple systems than work on a single one anyway. I still use my windows laptops often, both running XP. I used Vista for a while when it first came out, in a machine that wasn't the least bit equipped to run it, only to go back to XP later.

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