Otaku Evolution Episode 101 - Key the Metal Idol

Sometimes anime titles slip through the cracks of my fandom, even titles that are fairly well known and appreciated. Back in the day, Key the Metal Idol was one of those titles that I'd always heard of and read about, but I never got around to actually watching it. Since it's part of the zeitgeist of my formative years as an anime fan, I thought I'd watch to review here.

Otaku Evolution Episode 100 - Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro

It's the big 1-0-0 here on Otaku Evolution, and I wanted to celebrate by reviewing one of my favorite anime movies... that's been talked about to death by everyone else already! Don't be too concerned, though, I'm certain there's some insight in my observations and reactions, and if not, you can at least be entertained by the bookend material! I spent a couple of weeks on that, so give it a shot.

Here's to 100 more! (Hopefully people will actually contribute to my Patreon before that.)

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Otaku Evolution Season 3 - Coming This Week!


A new season of my chintzy, unwatched anime review video series, Otaku Evolution, is upon us, with new episodes starting this week! If you haven't seen the show, please check it out in one or all the links below to my three(!) different hosts for the series. It's essentially just me reviewing anime, but as a pixelated representation of myself living, roughly, in the world of my old OR: Side Story and Penguin Chronicles strips. Don't worry if you don't "get" the stuff with the pixels, it's just for presentation purposes (though I do put a lot of effort in). Don't forget to feed me hits, thumbs up, likes, shares, etc.


Under the Cel Shading - #1 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

In a world where cartoons are pervasive in their presence and varying in their entertainment, there are so much triumphs and so much trip-ups that we can't sit and savour them all like glasses of iced tea. So... I welcome you to what is Under the Cel Shading, where we down such moments in animation. They are the moments that are so obscure, so forgotten, so bad, so shocking, so violent, and so good, and I'm here to dole out a cool glass in this weltering heatwave that is the world of animation. And let us start with my premiere! Come join me for some iced tea and animation won't you?

Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 33 Review

Episode 33, "Son Goku at Full Power! The Terrified Ginyu Has Something Up His Sleeve?!" *****SPOILERS*****

Synopsis: Ginyu is overwhelmed by Goku's power, and wonders if he can be a Super Saiyan of legend. However, seeing how clear-minded and fair he remains, he shakes off that thought and prepares a new strategy. Freeza passes Dende on the way to Saichoro's place and lets him go, and requests the information necessary to summon the dragon from the elder. Nail challenges Freeza and they choose a place to battle, but Nail's arm is torn off when he attacks.

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