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Voice Actor Comparison: Dragon Ball/Z/GT - Piccolo

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My pick: Toshio Furukawa


Reasoning: I love how Toshio Furukawa can sound snarky and arrogant one minute and really serious and sharp the next, depending on Piccolo's mood. He's got that devilish feel to him. However, it's not a "character voice"; it sounds natural in every scene. As far as the English dub(s) are concerned, Scott McNeil's Piccolo edges out the competition by having a wild flare to it, while still remaining solidly rooted. In comparison, Sabat's Piccolo seems a little bland and the others just sound plain bad.


Breakdown: Toshio Furukawa > Scott McNeil > Chris Sabat > Unknown #1 = Unknown #2 = Unknown #3

Voice Actor Comparison: Dragon Ball - Son Goku (Child)

My pick: Masako Nozawa Reasoning: Nozawa's child Goku is spritely, spirited, and has little nuances to it that are perfect for the character, who's been living out in the woods on his own for so long. Naldony's Goku has a similar "wild" edge to it, but I can't stand her laugh and lacks that sense of charm Nozawa had. Clinkenbeard and Henderson's Gokus are similar, but I find Henderson's Goku is too collected, while Clinkenbeard's has a bit of a rougher quality like Naldony's, but with better acting. Slusar's Goku sounds a lot like the English voice for kid Kuririn in the Funimation dub. I'd say it's also a bit like Henderson's, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

Voice Actor Comparison: Gundam - Char Aznable

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic My pick: Shuichi Ikeda Reasoning: Ikeda clearly does the most arresting, charismatic-sounding Char, a Char that fits every facet of his complex personality. Michael Kopsa is my favorite English dub Char, sounding noticably serious and determined, but with a touch of charm. Blum makes him sound a little too laid back and his delivery is way off in that particular dub and Edwards just sounds generic and has a wooden delivery. This isn't just some guy, it's Char Aznable! Well, at least Edwards is one of the more tolerable cast members of that terrible Zeta Gundam dub. Breakdown: Ikeda > Kopsa > Blum > Edwards

Voice Actor Comparison: Patlabor - Noa Izumi

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic My pick: Miina Tominaga Reasoning: Tominaga's Noa Izumi isn't just spirited, but also fierce-sounding when she needs to be. She gives Noa a fitting tomboyish edge, too. My favorite English voice for the character is Elisa Wain from the dub of the OVAs and TV series. She also has a spirited voice for the character, but her acting isn't quite on par with Tominaga or some of the others, like Ruff or Taylor. However, in some ways it serves Noa because she is such an oddball in some ways. I am curious as to where Michelle Ruff would have taken the role if she had more lines. Breakdown: Tominaga > Wain > Taylor = Ruff > Glassco

Voice Actor Comparison: Fullmetal Alchemist - Roy Mustang

Something a bit less controversial:
Original Video - More videos at TinyPic My pick: NO PREFERENCE, AS THEY ARE ALL AWESOME Reasoning: If one bases Travis Willingham's Roy soley on his performance in Brotherhood (he was okay in the first series, but not great), he surely lives up to either Toru Okawa or Shinichiro Miki in his performance as Roy Mustang. All three are able to keep Roy sounding serious and authoratative, but with a little bit of cockiness, too. Breakdown: Okawa = Miki = Willingham (Brotherhood) > Willingham (First Series) Now TRY not to fuck this up, okay, commentors?

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