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It's been years since I began writing for Otaku Revolution, and some of you regular readers (all two of you) may still be in the dark as to what taste in anime I have. So, though it's an often-changing element of my anime fandom, I've decided to make a list of my favorite anime, ranking them for all to see, and justifying my choices.


When people make top ten lists of their favorite anime, they tend to make the same mistake. That is, they group together TV series, OVAs, and movies. A TV series and a movie are two different beasts. You wouldn't lump together live-action TV series with live-action movies, would you? Would you even lump together American or other Western animated productions together, TV shows with movies? Of course not. But for anime, somehow this tends to be the way we do things. Well, I, for one, refuse.


Audio: English: My Favorite English VAs in Anime


Audio: English
With the Audio:English series, PenguinTruth takes a critical look at the English
dubs which grace some of anime's most defining series in North America.


As somebody with a critical eye on anime English dubs, I'm often at odds with a reputation for "hating" dubs and dub voice actors. But the truth is, there are plenty of very talented voice actors working in English dubs of anime. I'm fond of quite a few of them and have definite favorites. I've even been able to rank them in their own "tiers". But let's put tier rankings aside, because this is just a list of the dub VAs I like the most. I've also listed the roles I like them in the most.

Dragon Box DVDs vs Level Set BDs

 Here's a few screenshots for your consideration (Dragon Box on left, Blu-Rays on right):





I still prefer the Dragon Boxes. The BDs look great, but the colors are a little too dark, in my opinion. 


However, since the DBoxes are now out of print, I reccommend picking up the "level" Blu-Rays if you can't find the DBoxes.



Here's one more:


G-Exes: Gundam AGE's best worst addition

So, watching Gundam AGE's 8th episode I was welcomed with the introduction of the G-Exes mobile suit. One of the cooler, and more widely accepted designs, I was looking forward to seeing it in the series. I think I'm going to regret that desire.


I mean, it looks pretty good when it's just standing around...




But in action something just looked off. At first I thought they couldn't figure out what to do with shading a primarily all white kit but that turns out to just be part of the problem.


Otaku Revolution Anime Discussion #1: Classic Remakes Casting

I thought I'd attempt something new for a change and start up a discussion about something anime-related in the hopes of having more communication with the people who come here (all three of them). Feel free to comment on this, suggest other topics for later discussions, and/or links to helpful material regarding the topic at hand.


Topic #1


With classics like Space Battleship Yamato and Mobile Suit Gundam being remade, do you feel like original cast members should reprise their roles after decades have passed? For example, should Goro Naya continue on as Captain Okita? Should Tohru Furuya continue to play Amuro Ray? If so, why? If not, who should play the roles? Suggest new VAs if possible.


Have fun!

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