Batman v Superman Trailer #1 (Short)

I really like how they captured the skepticism and mixed reactions the world would have should somebody like Superman turn up in the world. And of course the nod to The Dark Knight Returns. But please refrain from the shallow "IT'S TOO GRIMDARK" blanket criticism. You know the two heroes are going to end up friends, they just don't want to give away what that looks like in the FIRST TRAILER, FFS.


I'm still seeing bullshit about Man of Steel being too dreary and hopeless. What the fuck movie were you watchingSure, you can argue it was a Superman movie seen through a somewhat dirty lens, but not through a dark one.


I am a little cautious, seeing as how we've rarely seen heroes of this magnitude in one film before, and even if Whedon made it work in The Avengers, doesn't mean it's easy, especially when so many people have super specific preferences for how these two figures are portrayed on and off film. Is this a Batman film that has Superman in it? A Superman film that guest stars Batman? Is it a true half-and-half team up, World's Finest, a sequel to Man of Steel, or just a bridge from that movie to the Justice League movie?  I'm not entirely confident they'll do it just right, but I'm not going to dismiss this out of hand so early, especially when they seem to be really working hard at getting it right. Chris Terrio, who won an Oscar for his Argo screenplay is working on this movie, so have a little faith.


Also, yes, Bruce. He bleeds.


Either that or he has cheeks full of burgers and that's ketchup flying out. I could believe both.

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