Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 94 Review

 Episode 94, "The Perfect Form Breaks Down! The Super Iron Fists of Rage Explode"


"Kali ma! Kali ma! KALI MA!"TIGER UPPERCUT!

Synopsis: Everyone is impressed by Gohan's power except Cell. Cell powers up to his full power, but Gohan is unmoved. Gohan takes a punch from Cell but is unharmed. He delivers a sharp blow to Cell's mid-section, then one to his chin, knocking Cell down. Cell is angered by this. He tries hitting Gohan, but Gohan blocks and delivers a kick that sends Cell flying and crashing into the ground. Cell uses various techniques, but to no avail. Cell can't believe he's actually feeling fear and retreats into the sky. He fires a powerful Kamehameha, intending to destroy the Earth, but Gohan fires his own, overpowering it and sending the beams hurdling towards Cell, hitting him. Cell is greviously injured. Goku urges Gohan to finish Cell off, but Gohan disagrees, wanting to make Cell suffer. Cell once again regenerates. Angry, he amps up his body, but is too slow to keep up with Gohan. Gohan kicks Cell so hard that he throws up Artificial Human 18 and his Perfect Form breaks down. Cell transforms back into his Semi-Perfect form. Enraged and devestated at losing his perfect form, Cell tries to strike Gohan, but can't. Completely outmatched, Cell puffs up his body to enormous proportions, telling Gohan it's the end. 
Gohan, pizza delivery boy. HADUKEN!
Gohan continues to be totally badass in this episode. Cell is completely overwhelmed by his power and speed. Especially the speed. The key difference between Cell and the rest of the fighters is that he's extremely fast, so even if they had enough raw power, they'd be too slow. Trunks learned that a while back when he found his ascended Super Saiyan form was no match for Cell. But Cell makes the same mistake Trunks did in his fury and loses his Perfect Form because of it. 
The art is a bit inconsistent in this episode. There are times it's decent, even pretty good, but then you get moments where the characters seem a little off. I do especially like all the shots of Gohan glaring at Cell. My favorite shot, though, is Gohan smirking, taking pleasure in Cell's plight. It's a pretty scary sight when you think about it. I always liked the sparks the Super Saiyan 2 form makes, the effect is really good. 
Another scene I really liked is Cell's Kamehameha being destroyed by Gohan's own. We all know that they're getting into a duel with Kamehamehas in a bit, and a lot of people overlook this. Gohan easily counters Cell. Cell is just completely outclassed. Returning to Semi-Perfect form, he's actually no longer a match for several of the others. Cell's pride is smashed. 
An excellent episode, despite the art flaws. 
"Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be..."GET IN MAH THORAX!
Overall Score:
4 out of 5



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