"F**k You" "No, Fuck You!"

Of the 600,000 plus words in the English language fuck is probably one of the most versatile and the most used. Yet for some bloody reason it remains the most censored, something I can't quite wrap my head around it. I could go go on and on about how words are simply sounds clumped together for communication. I could go on and on about how these hodgepodges of noise mean nothing without the meaning behind them, their syntax and situation, their semantics. That, however, is really for another time and place. (In this case, another article) What I wish to talk about is how pointlessly ignorant censoring words like fuck, ass, cock, shit, god damn, and hobo really is. You may have noticed that whenever these words are used on television they're bleeped out. Despite this it's hardly ever impossible to figure out the phrase used. It really is just censorship for the retarded. Anyone with a smattering of brain cells [those who wouldn't be offended] know right off the bat what was said. Meanwhile those who still taste soap in their mouth will think to themselves, "hurr hurr he must of said something naughty!" Oddly enough Battlestar Galactica's greatest triumph is inadvertently pointing out how ridiculous the system is. In case you haven't seen any episodes they use the word 'frak' instead of fuck. Since it means exactly the same thing as fuck, it would only make sense to censor it, right? Naah. It's really the word that gets to people. Worse yet is when people censor expletives on the internet. F*ck. S#@t. C__t. Look, I hate to break it to you, but you're not fooling anyone. Surprise! We all know what you said! Just come on, type it all out, stop making yourself out to be a douche. If you're worried you might offend someone, don't use the word in the first place. Better yet, go screw. When I have kids of my own I intend to teach them all the 'naughty' words that kids shouldn't know. They're going to learn them eventually as dirty words are like porn for kids in kindergarten. I might as well take the time to explain their meanings and when their use is appropriate or otherwise inappropriate for the situation. P.S. - What's the point of censoring when someone gives someone else the finger? Especially the censors that simply show a black bar over the middle finger. "Oh wow, he just waved a marker at that guy he's having a driving disagreement with!" Fucking hell. P.P.S. - Same goes for censoring unclothed body parts. We all know what's behind those two blurred out spots. God forbid we see nipples. Oh the humanity! P.P.P.S. - It's late, and I didn't proof read. If you find any issues, let me know. If you have a problem go frolic yourself you son of a ham wallet.

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