Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 45 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 45, "The Promised Day"

Typical sibling rivalry.


Synopsis: Greed attacks Fuhrer King Bradley/Wrath in his home, but Bradley proves too formidable, and he escapes. At the Armstrong estate, Olivier suggests that her father hand over the Armstrong property to her, but he has plans to give it to Alex. Alex arrives and Olivier suggests a duel for the right to inherit the estate. Their father, mother, and younger sister go off to take a vacation in Xing as they fight. Olivier comes out on top, ejecting Alex from the home. In Youswell, Mei encounters several townsfolk willing to help her with food and board before her trip to Xing, and touched by their generosity, plus a few words from Envy, Mei runs off to Central instead, to Envy's delight. Edward finds the safehouse Mustang and them had used, expecting to find Alphonse. Instead, Ling arrives, informing Edward that Father is waiting for "the promised day" to active the nationwide alchemy array. Greed soon takes control of his body again and Edward agrees to become his henchman, which Greed gladly accepts. In the north, Izumi gets captured by Briggs troops in order to pass along a message from Alphonse and Hohenheim. The message is passed through Roy's group as well, and everyone prepares for "the promised day".


Ah, Troy Baker's Greed is so awesome. I love the especially great job he does during both the fight with Bradley and when he's talking to Ling about wanting the entire world. You really get the feeling that this guy has a burning desire to have more. And yet, he's so likeable somehow. I never understood the sin of greed that well (why have everything? I'm fine with just enough most of the time), but for some reason Greed is my favorite character.

Oh, and we got to hear a bit more of Ling. And you know, I think I'm starting to warm up to him a little bit. I don't know why I was so anti-Ling. I mean, he does seem to be a different version of Edward, but it's almost like Arakawa realized this and sort of pushed him back a bit for a while. With him back for a bit, I sort of found myself missing him. That's really weird, isn't it? And Ling is probably my least favorite character! When you can even miss your least favorite character, you know you've got a good show. Todd Haberkorn does a respectable job with the voice, too.

I think this was the first episode I actually liked Mike McFarland's Jean Havoc. I've never really hated it per se, but I've always felt it was a little amorphous and indistinct. Not that I'm looking for some grand character voice, which would be just as annoying, but just enough character in the voice or delivery to get me to buy the character as distinct from the others enough to care about him. I think the little bit we heard of him in the hospital scene was pretty good. And of course, both Travis Willingham and Colleen Clinkenbeard did great as Roy and Riza, respectively.

Stephanie Young and Chris Sabat are on top of their game as the Armstrong siblings. Their fight was just as good in English as in Japanese. Even Ed Blaylock's Bradley was decent. Vic Mignogna's Edward was okay, too. Overall, a pretty solidly dubbed episode.

Overall ENGLISH DUB Score:

4 out of 5

This could be my final review. I just want to tell you all how much I appreciate your support. Take care.

- Michael Fitz-Gibbon


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