Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Yet Another Man's Battlefield OVA

OVA, "Yet Another Man's Battlefield"

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Synopsis: At the age of 18, Roy Mustang takes part in training in the Amestris military. While in training, he meets Maes Hughes and an Ishbalan named Heiss Clif Arber, and they become friends over a fight to overcome discrimination. However, years later in the Ishbal massacre, Heiss Clif is on the other side. Devestated by the war, Roy looks for 30 seconds peace. After the war, Hughes reunites with his then-girlfriend, Gracia, and Roy acknowledges his comrade's strength.

Action team-up!A moment later, an 80s sitcom ending theme song cued.


I may have to reconfigure my overall score of Brotherhood, because I am over the moon about how dedicated Bones is at delivering even after the series' completion. When I first heard about this new OVA, I was immediately excited, because it would be about a young Roy Mustang in military training and feature Maes Hughes as well. In other words, Keiji Fujiwara's return. I anticipated this.

I was not let down. This OVA is pretty damn cool.

It was great to see how Roy and Maes' relationship began, out of competition at first. It's so funny that they didn't become fast friends, that they were sort of rivals. That is so like Roy. He's not the type of guy who makes friends just by hanging out with them. He has expectations of others. And Maes is more than happy to give him competition. A respect forms between them from their skills.

Then we have poor Heiss Clif Arber, the Ishbalan-Amestrian soldier. Much like Miles, he joined the military to change things from within. However, things turned out differently in the war, as he took the side of his homeland in the conflict. I imagine a similar thing may have happened to Miles if he hadn't gone to the North and met Olivier.

Incorporated in this OVA is the short manga gaiden, "His Battlefield Once More", which we see in the part with Mustang and Hughes in the tent. We clearly see that Hughes is actually giving him a minute instead of thirty seconds. Hughes was such a great friend, and Roy recognizes what a good and strong person he is.

I thought the quality of the OVA was really good, from art and animation to voice acting and music. And I love all the work with colors and light. An atmosphere is built with both the visuals and narrative and it's easy to be pulled into things.

Bones, please, do a full movie for the Ishbal war. I will be your bitch forever if you do.

NEVER fuck with Hughes.Even Mustang is scared of Hughes.

Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5

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