Gunpla Rumor Time - PG Unicorn?!

The following just showed up on Samuel Decal's news feed...



MG AGE-2 7月14日
MegaSize 1/48 AGE-3 8月
RG Justice Gundam 形状試作公開 7月21日
MG Buster Gundam 8月
MG Aegis Gundam 9月
HGUC Rose Zulu 8月
HGAC Wing gundam 8月
HGAC Tallgeese 9月
HGFC Dragon Gundam 9月
PG Unicorn Gundam 製作發表 11月 ※8月のキャラホビで形状試作公開
PG Banshee 製作發表 11月 ※8月のキャラホビで形状試作公開


For those too lazy to open up Google Translator, 月 means month, so this list represents August through November of this year. The notes following the PG Unicorn and Banshee seem to indicate that it's currently in a testing phase and my premier at this year's Chara Hobby???


Rumors are just rumors, but there's enough there to get the blood flowing. HG Gundam Wing kits? A PG Unicorn?! Considering what Bandai's been up to recently the list isn't all the surprising. A MG AGE-2 is pretty much inevitable (though I would've liked to see a MG G-Exes first) and a MegaSize AGE-3, though in tune with what the previous MegaSize AGE1/2 kits, would be bloody massive.

The SEED kits make sense considering the already announced MG lienup on the way and the RG Strike and Strike Freedom. Perhaps most exciting is the potential for a HGAC Tallgeese! Tallgeese, along with Wing and Dragon, are bound to sell like hotcakes. Unfortunately this doesn't bode well for those of us wanting a MG Tallgeese release following the recent Ver Ka. MG Wing kits.

What I find most troubling on a personal level is a potential Perfect Grade Unicorn and/or Banshee. Since the announcement of the PG Strike Freedom a year ago many have suspected the Unicorn Gundam as the next in line for PG treatment. If it comes out, I am getting one. Am I getting a PG Banshee too ? Gotta start saving. If only if I wasn't in the midst of my 6th MG Unicorn project as I negotiate a trade for a 7th. Insanity.

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