I'm Still A Gundam Fan

"If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

I notice certain people dropping out of the Gundam fandom recently because, as they put it, it's become one big shitstorm session. UC fans railing against AU fans, AU fans railing against UC fans. People refusing to give new Gundam shows any credit. People saying the old ones are outdated. Shippers raging over their OTPs not being recognized by canon. I understand. It can get a little tough to be a Gundam fan sometime. So some people quit.

But you know what? They're pussies. All of them. Anyone who's quit the fandom is a pussy. Fuck them. They're whiny attention whores who think they're making some big statement by depriving the fandom of their continued support.
Stay with me on this one.

Yeah, you know what I do when I can't stand the shitstorming in a message board thread about Gundam? I obstain. Or, well, I try to, but I always have to have the last word (personality flaw, I know). But I don't announce I'm leaving. I don't tell other people, "Hey, I'm leaving this thread." Because really, why should anyone care? Who are you? You're nobody. We'll carry on without you.

You don't want to take part in a discussion about Gundam? Then don't. But don't announce you're leaving, like anybody should give a fuck about some neckbeard too weak to keep up in an argument. Nobody's forcing you to be there, you pansy.

Now, as far as the Gundam franchise itself goes, I love Gundam, but it's strangling the creativity out of Sunrise. We don't need a new Gundam anime every few years. I understand that gunpla is a huge market, though, so this is an extremely unrealistic stance to take. But think about this. Instead of focusing their creative energies on a new show, the studio is more likely to churn out more Gundam, because it's safe, it's marketable, it's reliable. It's profitable. And frankly, most of the time, they don't give a fuck if it's a good show or not as long as the gunpla sells. Maybe there's some genius anime idea, but nobody cares about it because it isn't Gundam. I guarantee this has happened. Gundam has become a fucking drug, both to Sunrise and to the fans.

So then, the best response is, to all the people out there reading this: Don't watch every Gundam.

Just don't watch it. If you find it's going south, that the premise is lacking, that the characters are weak, don't watch it. Wean yourself of the Gundam drug. It's not a necessity in your life. Some Gundam is good, some is bad, but it's not all of anime. You should be watching so much other anime, and not concern yourself so much with these sometimes good toy cartoons.

But don't fucking announce that you're leaving the fandom because you're too much of a pansy to ignore trolls. Nobody cares. We'll all keep moving forward whether you're there with us or not.

Meanwhile, I get back into watching Gundam next month. I watch Gundam in November to December. Those are the designated months I spend watching Gundam every year, unless a new Gundam series is airing at some earlier time. To tell the truth, I haven't watched a single Gundam anime since the first episode of Unicorn months back. I've been too busy with other anime.

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