Otaku Evolution Episode 139 - Megazone 23 Part II


Welcome to the beginning of 80s Month here on Otaku Evolution! I wanted to do a speciial theme month just for that decade that brought us outrageous perms, acid washed jeans, fanny packs, and Swatches. Everyone was still worried about Russian nukes, a guy stood in front of a tank, BBSes were full of people debating Star Trek captains, and Roger Moore finally stopped playing Bond while in his late 50s. It was fresh, it was gnarly, it was old school and new wave.


This video's offering is 1986's Megazone 23 Part II, the follow-up to the incredibly anticlimactic first part. Shogo is still trying to expose the truth about the edifice the people of Tokyo live in while on the generation ship, the military still wants to control Bahamut, there's another transforming motorcycle robot to be stolen, and this anime is 80s as fuck. I mean, at one point, somebody's playing a Thundercats pinball machine. Wow.  


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