Otaku Evolution Episode 165 - Lupin III: Voyage to Danger

So this is my second episode with the new opening. What do you think of it? I wanted to include anime that I'll probably review either this year or next into it. Though I doubt I'll be covering Lupin III Part IV, because it's still too new to meet my requirements, I'll definitely be covering Lupin features.

Speaking of Lupin features, Voyage to Danger certainly is... one. Yeah, I guess there isn't a whole lot to actually say about the feature. It's not terrible by any real measure, but it's not incredibly good, either. Like many Lupin specials, it just sort of exists in the middle. Which is weird, because it has this reputation for being really good, but I just don't see it. It's mediocre. Next time I review a Lupin special, I'll make sure to find an especially good one. Or at least one that I can speak on for more than a few minutes.


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