Otaku Evolution Episode 185 - Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

Merry Christmas! Well, this is coming out shortly before THE day, but you'd all be too busy on December 25 watching Alex Trebek's final episode of Jeopardy! to watch my dumb little show. Or opening and enjoying your presents, or whatever. Maybe just getting properly wasted? I know I will. (The present thing, not the getting wasted thing... maybe.) Point is, dumb little show, you no watchy. Have a good day that day, regardless of what you do or do not celebrate. I celebrate, and I'm not even the celebrating type.

Unfortunately, Endless Waltz isn't much of a present, unless you enjoy seeing me take down a lousy anime. It's a very beautiful-looking, beautiful-sounding OVA/movie, but it's even dumber than my dumb little show that you no watchy, and that takes concerted effort. Whichever Gundam pilot's idea it was to send their mobile suits into the sun (probably Quatre's), the others should have beaten into a pulp instead of obliged. I refuse to believe, by the way, that Heero wouldn't have kept his hidden somewhere instead of taking part in the pact. Did the people who make this even watch the TV series that they themselves made?

Just watch Gundam 0080 instead. I certainly rewatched it, partially to get the taste of this out of my mouth. (And partially because I've been rewatching a lot of Gundam lately.) Will I cover more Gundam in the new year? Probably. Stay tuned... er, linked.

Until then, have a cup of hot chocolate and watch this video. Don't forget to add a candy cane.

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