The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Episode 26 Review

Episode 26, "The Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya (Part 3)"


Synopsis: Haruhi decides that Mikuru's character needs to fire a beam from her lense-colored eye. However, during filming, Mikuru fires a real blast that Yuki narrowly blocks from hitting Kyon. Not noticing, Haruhi moves onto preperation to the next scene, but Kyon, Yuki, and Itsuki discuss what occured, concluding that Haruhi wished it to happen, so it did. Haruhi decides that the movie needs more characters, and has Kyon bring his friends, Taniguchi and Kunikida, to the next filming. Mikuru's friend Tsuruya is also invited. Haruhi tells everyone that they'll be filming by Itsuki's house next.


The plot of the second book finally kicks in this episode, with Mikuru firing a beam out of the colored contact used for the film. You may remember this part from the "00" episode that showed the entire video, where the camera suddenly goes dark, and when it goes right again, Yuki has tackled Mikuru. Now we've gotten to the events that surrounded that particular bit, where it looks like Haruhi has gone back to bending reality.

I like the little sessions the characters have in trying to figure out what has just occured. Itsuki is in full exposition mode. Yuki gives short, vague answers (but we all know she's capable of long, mind-warping ones). Kyon is, of course, confused and annoyed. But mostly annoyed. I think in this episode, my favorite part of that scene was Kyon putting his hand out when Itsuki was actually asking Yuki. The funniest thing is that Yuki didn't put her hand out, too, she waited until Itsuki cleared it up. Seeing Yuki regenerate was neat, too. So once again, Yuki has saved Kyon's life. This makes, what, three, four times? If she has a birthday, he's obligated to get her something.

Of course, Haruhi is as pushy as ever, pulling Mikuru into the woods to change into the bunny girl outfit again. She was particularly abusive of Mikuru in this episode, which had me a little on edge. One of the reasons I like Haruhi is that she's hilariously sociopathic, but beating Mikuru on the head is a little much. I'm glad Kyon broke that up. It's a bit of forshadowing, too.

I think some of the K-On-esque art was toned down a little in the episode, which was good. I really wish the show looked more like the previous season. Not that I dislike K-On's art altogether, but the hands are always deformed-looking. I have trouble with the hands.

Next episode, Haruhi and Tsuruya hatch a plan!

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5

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