The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Episode 27 Review

Episode 27, "The Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya (Part 4)"


Synopsis: Haruhi moves the filming of the movie to a closed off area at a lake, where she puts a new contact in Mikuru's eye. Yuki once again tackles her. Haruhi's next plan includes throwing Mikuru into the lake. Seeing that Mikuru may get a cold, Tsuruya suggests they take her to her house to change. Haruhi hatches a plan with Tsuruya to get Mikuru to respond better, which includes spiking her drink. Noticing Mikuru's drunkeness during filming, and Haruhi's continued mistreatment of her, Kyon objects to Haruhi's methods, prompting a loud argument. Enraged, Kyon pulls his hand back to hit Haruhi, but Itsuki grabs his arm and prevents it. Haruhi is exasperated by Kyon's insubordination and the filming stops. In private, Itsuki points out how Haruhi has continue to change reality. The next day, while with Taniguchi and Kunakeda, Kyon realizes that he prefers Haruhi's activeness to the passive nature of everyone else, and tells her that they should make the film as good as possible. Happy to hear him support her, Haruhi cheers up.



Well, now, this is a damn fine episode. Maybe the best episode of the entire series. Certainly one of the best, at least.

Of course, the big scene was the one at Tsuruya's house (mansion... lucky Nyoro girl!) when Kyon exploded with anger. So enraged was he at Haruhi's abusive behavior, he raised his fist to strike, but was stopped immediately by Itsuki. Still, the gesture itself had its impact on Haruhi, who threw a short tantrum, and that was that. This had the effect of depressing the hell out of her, but the slightest suggestion of interest in the film by Kyon re-energized her completely.

Now, okay, Haruhi is probably a little cruel to poor Mikuru, and can be a real controlling bitch. Somebody does need to take her to task for her behavior, and it looks like Kyon is the person to do that. Still, it's pretty disheartening that he was about to hit her, not just once, but again after she told him he was being insubordinate. If Kyon is truly fed up, he should leave the situation entirely. I think, though, that it's clear Kyon actually does approve of Haruhi to some degree, though, or at leat prefer her action to complete inaction. He gets fed up with Taniguchi's whining, because at least Haruhi is doing something with herself, while people like him (and to extention, Kyon) largely just moan and gripe and do nothing with their lives.

Itsuki points out that, like it or not, Kyon has actually been supporting Haruhi. Kyon seems surprised to hear it said like that, because to him, they don't get along at all, and yet, they're always together. Unlike the others, Kyon doesn't have any stake in staying around Haruhi, yet he always takes part in the SOS Brigade, regardless of his objections to Haruhi's behavior. It becomes pretty clear to him that the truth is, he actually does support Haruhi, to some degree. The important thing was that he actually came to this conclusion on his own, not with the prompting of others (though perhaps something Itsuki said may have had some impact).

My favorite scene was actually the one in the club room where Kyon makes up with her. It's not an apology, but rather, he states his support for her project, which she takes as the approval she seeks. It's Kyon that she wants approval from.

Let's face it, Haruhi is a bitch sometimes, but I doubt she would have let any real harm come to Mikuru. Even if she does describe her as a "toy", she obviously likes Mikuru enough to bring her along to have fun. I think she would even defend Mikuru, even if it was just to defend her as an object under her control. It's sort of like Greed in FMA. Her friends are property, but she still shows loyalty to them.

Anyway, now Haruhi seems to be really affecting reality, with another beam, sakura trees blooming out of season, and now she'd like to add a cat to the mix.

We all remember the talking cat from Episode 00, right?

Overall Score:

4.5 out of 5

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