Who watches the Watchmen movie? I did.

A few thoughts on the Watchmen movie (having just seen it today):

- The movie basically got the main players right. My only issue with their depictions are the Ozymandias comes off as being much more villianous than he should be and Rorschach more heroic and noble, even despite the brutality displayed.

- On the same note, much like Ozy, the movie misses out on some of the ambiguity of the novel. Things which are supposed or thought are shown to be blatently true. It's sort of like any adaption of Lolita, because your narrator is unreliable, and for a large space of the comic, your narrator is a paranoid sociopath.

- There are little bits here and there that were fan favorites that were altered or weren't there, almost as if to show the fans it was different. It irritated the hell out of me, but I understood. At least Rorschach got that bit in about the Pagliacci joke.

- The alternative ending didn't bother me as to the cause of the decimation, so much as some of the stuff following it, some of which is unnecessary.

- Sex scene too long. Uncomfortable. Soundtrack obnoxious, too. Already heard dozens of times in other movies. Ride of the Valkyries needs retirement. Hurm.

Overall not a mindblowing experience, but much better than I expected of an adaptation of Watchmen. It's not nearly as great as the comic, but it's a fairly good film and should be viewed as sort of a companion piece (albiet, one the original comic author wouldn't ever approve of). I didn't waste either my time or money seeing it.

(Well, my time is worthless, but you get the idea.)

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