Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 Episode 23 – Viva Orphans Namida


Welp, despite the surrounding of their base by Gjallarhorn, Orga remains undeterred in his plan to get all of Tekkadan out of Mars. After watching this episode, and thinking about what I said this past week, I think I am in error in my perception of conviction then running away. Tekkadan for better or worse may be fighters, and will kill with impunity, but they are not conquerors. Even during Orga’s “I’m gonna be King of the Martians!” phase he is never shown to succumb to greed and ambition, nevermind the rest of Tekkadan. The title is merely a means to an end, and unfortunately for Tekkadan, that means is no longer viable in the long run.

The basis for this epiphany as a result of this week’s episode is the happy payoff when the people they helped decide to assist them with no hesitation or caveat. After finding a way outside HQ with the help of McGillis and some leftover tech from the Calamity Wars (Convenient but well within the nature of the world never mind what little we know of it), Kudelia successfully contacts Makanai. The old man (who we haven’t seen since like Episode 8), doesn’t even think twice in helping him. If that doesn’t raise your flag (of hope), we see the return of two more characters: Takaki and Azee. Takaki seems to be doing well for himself now that he works for Makanai, and Azee has taken up Naze’s position (and wardrobe) as the head of the Turbines. All of this is a set up for their great escape, which because of circumstances must involve them going to Earth to change their identity through Makanai, with the help of Azee’s Turbine fleet smuggling them towards their destination. The entire scene is a pleasant surprise, since I thought the last we’d see of them is in the final episode’s epilogue, and in Azee’s case, a final kamikaze attack in her mobile suit towards Iok or something. However, I like the show’s idea more.

However, given the nature of this show now for pulling out the rug from under us, this good news is then met with bad news in the moments after the good. The bad news takes the form of a hit and run from some men in suits at Kudelia’s office front door. So yeah, somebody’s either going to get brutally hurt and die… And then…

…Holy shit.

I have made predictions when the series was fairly new of how Orga was a Kamina-esque figure who would die and Mika would then take on a Simon-esque role to lead Tekkadan. After a season and Mika’s further descent into vegetable-like status, I shelved such ideas. Then this happens, with just only two episodes left, not enough time for Mika to come into his own as a Simon-esque leader. To be sure, the show does its best to show that death flag, what with him asking to borrow Mika’s gun and flashbacks to his death. However, wow what a way to go. He’s so far away from Mika (who didn’t go with him), and the people who witness his death are Ride, Chad, Atra, and Kudelia. Instead of dying on the sidewalk, he instead does his best to continue his move forward to wherever the destination of Tekkadan may lie. It’s quite a memorable way to go and really leaves a mark with you as his blood just SOAKS the ground while the troupe with him cries waterfall tears (which are pretty much an indication he’s long gone). Like Lafter, it comes to you fast and there’s really no time to process it, since you’re split between mourning and wondering what happens next. Tekkadan has no leader now, Mika has no Orga to tell him what to do (never mind teach him to do things for himself), yet the plans are already in motion. Will they get their shit together?

Either way, it makes for good buildup. Not great, but good. Two more weeks to go.

Iron-Blooded Notes:

  • Given the show’s events, now I understand why all the Tekkadan MS are fighting on Mars in the OP.
  • Regarding Orga’s killers, I’m not really going to bother. We’ve only two weeks left anyway. I’m not sure if it’s McGillis, I dunno WHY he’d shoot himself in the foot with that. Nobliss? Maybe? But how would Rustal and him know about Orga’s plans?
  • Zack is back. Doesn’t appear much, but he’s back.
  • That’s cruel of McGillis to impale Iok’s cockpit and NOT kill him.
  • Julieta has been offscreen for the longest time. Curious to see how we’ll see her at series end.
  • Almiria also returns. I wonder what conclusions she has come to after a whirlwind of events.
  • Also interesting, Orga dies without his Tekkadan jacket. What does it meaaaaaan?

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