Lupin III Part VI Episode 17 Review

Episode 17, "Win or Lose in 0.1 Seconds"


Lupin is detected by the L SystemA challenge for Lupin


Synopsis: Linfeng Wang, the CEO of Wangtic Securities, has designed the Lupin System, which is able to detect and identify people based on several factors. She challenges Lupin to steal an rare dollar coin worth several hundred millions, which he is determined to take. Lupin and the gang try to synch their movements in order to shut down the system, but it proves difficult. Can Lupin outwit the computer system and its creator? It's a labor of love from a hardcore Lupin fan!


Lupin III Part VI Episode 16 Review

Episode 16, "Samurai Collection"

Goemon with other modelsGoemon falls into the water



Synopsis: Fashion designer Gabby becomes a target of Lupin and Fujiko who want her new clothing collection. But strangely enough, Gabby has hired Goemon to model for her. She's quite the taskmaster when it comes to her model's movements, too, but Goemon is determined to get things right. Will Lupin and Fujiko be able to steal Gabby's outfits with Goemon present? Strike a pose, it's a stylish Lupin caper!

Lupin and Fujiko laughingGoemon modeling



Lupin III Part VI Episode 15 Review

Episode 15, "Wedding Bells Ring with the Sound of Gunfire"

The wedding coupleLupin with a picture of the blue jewel



Synopsis: Lupin and Jigen's next target is the "Tear of Marseille", a blue gem about to be gifted to an old acquaintance of Jigen's at her wedding. Jigen stalks the target, reliving the memory of the woman, Myelene, saving his life after a shoot-out. But there are others that are after Mylene, with an even darker purpose. How is Jigen supposed to protect this woman but at the same time steal from her? Wedding bells chime on this trip down a rainy road.

Lupin III Part VI Episode 14 Review

Episode 14, "The Mirage Women"

Lupin holding a boquet of flowersThe Elivira group



Synopsis: The group of thieves that stole Lupin's family gem, Elvira, is targeting the Banco Alban in Mexico. This is an obvious challenge for Lupin to interfere, which Lupin takes them up on. On the way to Mexico, Lupin reveals that the Elivra leader, Mercedes, mentioned his thieving instructor, Tomoe, who was like a mother to him. What happens next is a showdown between two of Tomoe's students in a battle of wits!

Lupin's "mother", TomoeLupin looking at photographs

Lupin III Part VI Episode 13 Review

Episode 13, "An Invitation From the Past"


Lupin and Jigen fightingDressed down Lupin is happy to see Fujiko


Synopsis: A collection of treasures from around the world are going up for auction, and Lupin is determined to steal them, and in particular, a mysterious red gem that was taken from his childhood home. He arranges a spectacular illusion to distract the patrons of the auction, but the plan is foiled when a group of women thieves make off with the loot before he can. Lupin scrambles to regain what was lost years earlier.


Otaku Evolution Episode 212 - Year End English Dub Review VIII


2021 wasn't a lot better than 2020. There was an attempted coup in the U.S. which has so far gone largely unpunished in terms of its instigators. The COVID-19 pandemic continued. The Q people became even more deranged. China is looking to invade Taiwan and Russia is looking to invade Ukraine. And Elon Musk is still a fountain of bad ideas who still has a huge fanbase. I've personally found myself in an existential crisis as of late, and one of my few comforts is this series of anime review videos almost nobody watches. So, yeah, a real banner year.

Lupin III Part VI Episode 12 Review

Episode 12, "The Ghosts of Britain"


Lupin and Albert on the benchHolmes does some deducing


Synopsis: The mystery of the Raven is about to be revealed as Holmes looks to root out the killer of Watson while Lupin and other parties converge on the hidden treasure. It all comes to a head when deductions are made, secrets are unmasked, and there are tense confrontations! Who will come out on top, the world's most famous detective or the world's greatest thief? Or will it be somebody else? The game's afoot!


Lupin III Part VI Episode 11 Review

Episode 11, "The Truth and the Raven"


The real estate guy confronted by Raven assassinHolmes shows Lestrade a picture


Synopsis: When a real estate developer is assassinated by the Raven organization, Sherlock Holmes gets a tip that he was last seen with Fujiko Mine, signalling that the Lupin gang are back in London. It seems that the murder victim was targeted by the same killer who took out Lord Faulkner and John Watson. Holmes puts out a bounty on the missing piece of the poster Lupin attempted to steal to keep him busy. All parties- Holmes, Lily Watson, Lupin, and Inspector Zenigata- converge on Faulkner's Black Drawing Room to unveil the hidden treasure!


Lupin III Part VI Episode 10 Review

Episode 10, "Darwin's Bird"

Mysterious clientBird fossil


Synopsis: A mysterious client contracts Lupin and Fujiko to steal an Archaeopteryx fossil from the British Museum, but something about the job is strange. Is there a dark secret to this heist? Heaven knows it's a devil of a challenge!

Lupin, Fujiko, and Jigen commiserate Lupin and Fujiko at the museum



What a bunch of Touched By an Angel, Young Earth Creationist, anti-science bullshit.

Otaku Evolution Episode 211 - Favorite Anime Directors

So I sort of gave up on doing specifically Christmas-themed videos, because I couldn't really find much more Christmas-related anime to review. And it was getting old, anyway. So here's the new tradition: anime lists! This time around, it'll be on my favorite anime directors. There's no particular order or hierarchy here, just seven directors I especially appreciate.

Merry Christmas!

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