Otaku Evolution Episode 182 - Tenchi Universe

Why is it that we like Tenchi Muyo, again? I mean, it does bring up some pretty vivid memories of the Toonami days of my anime fandom, but despite the odd interesting concept or the rare  good moment, there really isn't a whole lot to the franchise. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to rewrite history and say that Tenchi Muyo was NEVER good, just that it wasn't as good as we once thought it. After all, our standards were different then, weren't they?

The Great Gundam & Gunpla Census of 2020

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Welcome to the results page for the Great Gunpla Census of 2020! This is a follow up to a census, of a similair title, from back in 2018. The 2018 census was a big success with a lot of interest and positive feedback. There was also a good amount of constructive feedback that I brought into this year's survey. This time around there were more questions pertaining to the Gundam franchise in general for all the folks who're into Gundam but not necessarily Gunpla. 

Otaku Evolution Episode 181 - Cowboy Bebop: The Movie


Happy Halloween! This one's a pretty straightforward review video, with just a pinch of cosplay on my (sprite's) part. You're probably wondering, "Why do Cowboy Bebop: The Movie on Halloween? Why not a horror or horror-themed anime?" Well, shut up, is why! The Bebop movie is just as much a Halloween movie as Die Hard or On Her Majesty's Secret Service are Christmas movies!

Otaku Evolution Episode 180 - Bubblegum Crash


Ugh, Bubblegum Crash. I love Bubblegum Crisis, for every little awkward quirk and lopsided plot beat in it. It's one of my favorite anime. But its so-called "sequel" is such a huge disappointment. It just feels so meager and watered-down. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like it takes place in the same world Crisis did, because it completely ignores a lot of what went on previously. Except that it has Largo in it, whose return is an even bigger disappointment. A giant fucking drill is his best plan? He had an orbital laser last time, and his weapon is a big drill this time? What is this shit? You can taste the bitterness just watching my video here.

Otaku Evolution Episode 179 - Voice Actor Appreciation 2

I thought it would be nice to do another one of these videos this year, where I take a look and marvel at the talents of three Japanese voice actors and three English dub voice actors involved in anime. I do get a little negative at times, and I want to emphasize positivity now and then. So here's a little on voice talents Norio Wakamoto, Kotono Mitsuishi, Romi Park, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Richard Epcar, and Michael McConnohie. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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MGEX Unicorn - A review and model retrospective

Yeah, yeah, I’m late to the game with my MGEX Unicorn review. Even so I wanted to take some time, since I have an interesting perspective (read: I've built a lot of Unicorns - note, that's three years old at this point), and the MGEX Unicorn is a kit very worthy of discussion. I’m not going to go into all the ins and outs of the build, so if you want a super detailed look pair this with Dalong’s review. I’m sure there are some good YouTube reviews out there by now too. What’s up guys, Rick Dias here…

Otaku Evolution Episode 178 - X-Men

It's time to talk about my favorite Marvel team, the X-Men! Is it just me, or are there way too many X-Men now? I can't keep up! Who is Dust? Fantomex? Darwin? Goldballs? Pixie? Whatever. It's a good thing this anime features mostly well-known X-Men, like Cyclops and Wolverine. Armor is fairly new, but she's pretty cool. Obviously the writers and animators of this anime must have jumped at the chance to work with an actual comics-canon Japanese schoolgirl X-Man.

Don't forge to read the list of recommended X-Men reading for the viewer in the credits section. Like the Batman list, you might want to pause on each card.


Customized MG Banshee Gundam


I wanted to take a few minutes to share some photos and some thoughts for a quick build I put together. The fantastic GoodGuyDan is having a Unicorn build off this month and as I have a unquenchable thirst for Unicorn kits I had to participate. Instead of building one of the several RG 'corns that I have waiting for love, or the MGEX that just came in, I figured I'd help an old boy out. Specifically, this one,

Otaku Evolution Episode 177 - Batman: Gotham Knight

How often do I get to talk about my favorite superhero (aside from Jarro, the jar-sized Starro) on my little anime review show? Never, is when. So I leapt at the chance to finally getting to the Batman anime, Gotham Knight, which contains plenty of Vitamin B(atman). Not only that, but I compiled a bit of a list of recommended Batman reading for the viewer in the credits section, so keep an eye on that, and pause on each section to write the list down.

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Otaku Evolution Episode 176 - Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

I don't review a lot of comedy anime, because a lot of anime tries really hard to be funny and truly isn't. Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi is even a bit of a mixed bag itself, in terms of funny, but it does get a few chuckles out of me, and besides which has a classic "coming of age" angle to it, though it takes a back seat to gags. It's kind of a Baby's First FLCL.


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