1&1 Sales: A Story of Fail

As some of you may already know imgDump.info has successfully used up the file limitations on it's host. In order to address the issue and continue to expand imgDump I've contacted the host, 1&1. The email I sent them is as follows. (Minus a few spelling mistakes I've only noticed now >_

I have been a customer of 1&1 for a long time now with two separate hosting accounts.

Recently I have hit the file quota on my one account, 255,410 of 262,144 used. My storage space and bandwidth quota are still well within reasonable bounds.

In order to develop my site further I need to add more files (all of which are web content).

Is it possible to increase this limit and continue my services?

11 Features Snow Leopard Needs To Have

With the eventual release of Apple's OSX "Snow Leopard" there are a few things I'd like to see added along the the current slurry of performance updates. Before I get into the features I believe it'd be in best interest to mention where I'm coming from with these suggestions. I'm not an Apple fanboy (or Microsoft/Linux fanboys for that matter) and feel that of the three main OS"s out there each has it's pros and cons. I got my first Mac (a beautiful 24in iMac which I adore) just over 7 months ago and things, for the most part, have been good since. I figured I know nothing about OSX so I might as well be a big geek, get one, and see how things go. Better to know multiple systems than work on a single one anyway. I still use my windows laptops often, both running XP. I used Vista for a while when it first came out, in a machine that wasn't the least bit equipped to run it, only to go back to XP later.

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects: Who's Next In The Bat-Parade?

So, most of us (if not all of us) have by now seen The Dark Knight. If you haven't, please do so. Go on. I'll wait. Done? Good. Now that we've all seen it, I'm sure that we've already been wondering which of Batman's colorful rogue's gallery will be the featured villian in the next in Christopher Nolan's series. Now, remember, while Batman has a lot of different villians, the Nolanverse seems to stress a commitment to the believable (that is, if you can accept the premise of Batman existing). And while it may be a stretch to think that a tortured rich man swings from roof to roof dressed in a Bat outfit every night, there are some villians which break even this thin standard. So, while Batman has a lot of enemies, some are much more likely to be featured than others.

Family Values

What, exactly, are "family values"? You hear this a lot from politicians and clergymen. Usually conservatives tout their adherance to traditional family values. It's an interesting buzzword. It's sort of the right wing version of political correctness. I have some news to break to any halfwit who hangs on the words "family values", though: there isn't any such thing as family values.
No unit of people has any shared system of values. Values only exist to the individual, as well as value itself, which can only be assigned to individuals. Families, traditionally, are units that were formed with the intent of holding land and property. Somehow, in the past few decades, politicians have expoused their fondness for "traditional family values". If you value the sterile, unloving concept of merely existing to propogate the species and own material goods, that's fine. But, of course, politicians never mean that when they say "family values".

Batman: The Dark Knight Review (SPOILERS)

Tuesday afteroon I saw the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, at a local theater. Pre-movie, I scoped out the trailer to Christian Bale's next no-doubt-blockbuster, the fourth Terminator movie (which means now there'll be two too many). I also sat awkwardly through the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of Alan Moore's Watchmen, directed by Zack Synder, who also directed the adaptation of Frank Miller's 300. While it does seem like it might make interesting watching, I still think some comic stories are best left on page. Watchmen deconstructed the superhero comic genre, the movie isn't going to do anything so bold. I can see it going over people's heads, that is, even if they do it justice. But hell, who am I kidding? I'll go see it. Sorry, Mr. Moore. Really, I am.

FCC closer to allowing XM/Sirius merger, but not without throwing shit into mix

According to Twice the long awaited* XM/Sirius merger is closer to approval from the FCC. Unfortunately they have decided to throw a wrench into the gears with a some bullshit additional requests...
The conditions would require the merged company to include HD Radio on any satellite radio product it subsidizes that also includes an AM/FM tuner, according to an Associated Press report. Stipulations would also include a six-year freeze on service fees and that Sirius and XM devote 25 percent of spectrum to minority and public-interest programming, said the AP. Adelstein’s staff could not confirm the conditions at press time.

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