Sterilize Americans- Enough McChildren

I'm getting pretty tired of these selfish parents who have six, seven children, when they cannot possibly provide or care for them all. These are the same heinous fuckwits who get touchy when you tell them that perhaps more judicious reproduction on their part might've saved society the burden of having to cradle their greasy American shit spawns. God forbid, anyone should act responsibly and reproduce only within their means. More to the point, god forbid anyone even mention that they're burdening society! Why, you'll be accused of fascism! Of trying to control another person's choices.

Fuck them. Beat them in public.

You know those shitty "Movie" movies?

Ever wish you could write the studio and writer behind such amazing movies as Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans? What about the soon to be box office topper, Disaster Movie? (No, I'm not joking. It's a real movie.) Well if this sounds like you, and I know it does, I've got some awesome information for you! Jason Friedberg (Awesome Writer Guy) 10201 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064-2606 (310) 369-1000 Lionsgate Entertainment‎ (Awesome Production Company) 4553 Glencoe Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA (310) 314-2000‎ If you contact these offices please show respect and restraint in your praise. via But please, nothing distasteful! Only well deserved acclaim!

Nerf Wars - Watch more free videos Let's face it, if only our offices could have a battle like this every day, we'd actually enjoy going to work. In addition I'm exceedingly jealous that they have gotten their hands on the upcoming N-Strike Vulcan. Powered by six D batteries, and a standard 25 round belt (sure to be modded endlessly), it's already in high demand event though it hasn't been released yet.


RIP 1937 - 2008
He may be gone but his jokes will live on.

Char Aznable Action Base

If you're as impatient as me you often brush things by in the store quickly, not often gathering all the details. One such item for me was the Char Aznable theme's action base for 1/1444 & 1/100 scale kits. The bag art contains pictures of the stand covered with Zeonic & Char markings. For a while I thought, "that's nice, shame I don't have any of Char's Gunpla or it would be a good fit" moving on to the clear action bases instead. What use would a Char detailed stand for my RX-87-2? Well, turns out the detail makings aren't actually the base at purchase, but they come as a sticker sheet with each base. Granted I notice now there's a small thing on the front pointing that out but the pictures give no indication. (There's no way in hell the marking in the photo are stickers) Lesson of the story?

Dear Firefod design developers...

I'm sorry but the default Mac theme for Firefox 3?
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It's absolute rubbish. The old default theme for FF2 was a lot better. According to FF's website... """Platform-Native Look & Feel The new Firefox looks and feels like home. Think of it as a Firefox who’s really good at making friends. Whether you use Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac or Linux, the browser seamlessly integrates into your computer’s environment. A native look makes for a flawless interface that never gives you pause.""""" That's just awful. I don't want Firefox to look like the rest of Finder's gray gradients. Maybe if it were just one, okay. But I'm looking at at least four different ones right now. WTF....a;foiasd;fohas;kdhfklasdhfklashf I need another beer.

FOX rips off Cover Flow

Less than half an hour ago I sat down to catch some classic Simpsons, particularly Radio Bart, the one where Bart ticked Springfield about a boy being stuck in a well, later to fall in himself. During an early commercial break I noticed something familiar, Apple's Cover Flow. However to my surprise it wasn't yet another cheesy Mac ad, but a commercial for the local FOX 5 News...

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