Master Grade Rick Dias

Some view the Rick Dias as being under appreciated, others I imagine hate it. Personally I think it's an awesome design and a worthy evolution of the Rick Dom family. Coincidently, it also makes up a damn fine model. This was my first time using real Gundam markers, the Real Touch version to be specific. They work excelent and cleaned up very well. One issue I had with construction were cutting the nubs off the exterior lower leg. When I removed them and did a light sanding I found that there was still a lighter area (presumably due to a compression of the plastic from nipping). My attempts to sand them out only resulted in a lack of uniformity between each side (easy to see in the picture). In retrospect I could probably have prevented this by using a knife to cut away the parts or fixed it afterwards by simple painting over it.
Box DSC_7185 DSC_7184 DSC_7183 DSC_7182
The Good: Removable cockpit Very Sturdy Comes with rub on decals The Bad: Not a lot of potability due to it's bulky design Not many ways you can use the bazooka due to it's length behind the handle In the end it's a definite must have for any Gundam fan.

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