MG Sinanju Build Review

Bandai's 1/100 Master Grade Sinanju was my first build of 2009*. (I haven't proofed this article, so suck it) JDW_6126 From a build quality this kid if fucking fantastic. Not only does it look great, but it's a big sucker, considerably taller than most MG Gundams. Much to my surprise this kit lacks pollycap joints. While I hated that on my Crossbone the mechanics here are great. The joints are innovative and make for lots of movement. The only issue here is that the shield can be a bit heavy (at least with the beam saber things attached) than the arm can support. If it's clipped on the forearm it has a tendency to pop off all to easily or slowly cause the arm to dip down. This was one of the most frustrating models I've worked on. Not so much on part of the actual design or build quality but due to my own inexperience.

Chuck Norris, Traitor…

Apparently, famous internet meme and Conan O'Brien time filler Chuck Norris is hoping Texas secedes from the United States, and says he would be the president of it should it come to that.

According to him, because of the way things are (aka, black liberal in the White House, which doesn't suit Texans), there may be a need for a new Civil War.

Know what, Chuck? Go ahead. Secede. I want Texas to secede. Let's hope it does, so we can gather all the fuckwits that would follow you into one place and have a good excuse to obliterate every one of them. The military would be immediately dispatched and nuke the shit out of Texas until it's a huge smoking crater, thus taking care of our immigration problems by creating a natural barrier between us and Mexico.

"Change" critics don't have a clue

Since Obama has taken office I have become sick. Sick of every ignorant motherfucker who feel the need to make some sort of play on Obama's campaign motto, "Change we can believe in," every time something arises to which they disagree with.

I can't seem to wrap my head around what these people represent. Are they Republicans who didn't pay attention to anything during the election other than party affiliation? Are they Democrats who spent the last few months in a magical fantasy land? Regardless of their affiliation they're apparently the most unqualified people to comment on the current political situation in the US.

Somewhere along the lines people must have gotten it into their head that Obama would force the government into a 180. That every element they disapproved of would suddenly be fixed overnight once Obama took office. Fools, the lot of you.

Who watches the Watchmen movie? I did.

A few thoughts on the Watchmen movie (having just seen it today):

- The movie basically got the main players right. My only issue with their depictions are the Ozymandias comes off as being much more villianous than he should be and Rorschach more heroic and noble, even despite the brutality displayed.

- On the same note, much like Ozy, the movie misses out on some of the ambiguity of the novel. Things which are supposed or thought are shown to be blatently true. It's sort of like any adaption of Lolita, because your narrator is unreliable, and for a large space of the comic, your narrator is a paranoid sociopath.

- There are little bits here and there that were fan favorites that were altered or weren't there, almost as if to show the fans it was different. It irritated the hell out of me, but I understood. At least Rorschach got that bit in about the Pagliacci joke.

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