My Favorite Vidya Games

Penguin Truth's Top 25 Favorite Vidya Games I'm quite fond of video games. I'm not really a "gamer" the way others are, mostly because I've never been all that good at them. Seriously, I suck out loud at video games. They won't even let me in arcades. It doesn't help that folks who are good at video games make you feel like worthless trash if you aren't as good as they are at playing them. It's very discouraging. Still, there are a lot of video games I've enjoyed in my twenty five years of life. And here's the top 25! I'll provide some reasoning for the top ten. 1. Chrono Trigger (SNES) (1995) (Squaresoft)/Chrono Trigger DS (DS) (2008) (Square Enix) Chrono Trigger is the greatest video game of all time, of that I have no doubt. Okay, so actually, I've not played every video game of all time, so it would be impossible to determine whether or not this is an actual truth. down

... though, it's not because of anything I did.

It seems my webhost,, is having a bit of a seizure today. So, until they're back up, the strips (which, yeah, I know, nobody reads anymore... shut up already!) will be pretty much down.

Except for the most recent stuff, which I've gone ahead and posted on my Comcast space:

Hopefully, this'll prove to be a temporary problem.

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