The end of radio as we know it...

Radio has been of great influence in American history. Since the early days airwaves have brought new forms of entertainment and new forms of music to our homes, places of work and automobiles. Since the 1920’s the radio waves have born witness to great dramas, the birth of rock and roll, international headlines, the rise and fall of radio personalities and the death of the radio star. Despite these shifts the format has remained strong over the decades… only to fall ill in these past few years; unfortunately, it is with a sickness that may prove fatal.

Sideburns and Stealing: Lupin III, The World's Greatest Thief

Stealing. Good or bad? In the Bible, the Eighth Commandment says, "Thou shall not steal." But what if you're just so very good at it? As good as say, Lupin III? In 1967, Kazuhiko Katō, authoring manga under the peculiar pen name Monkey Punch, concieved of a character who was the grandson of the author Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin. His manga, Lupin III, influenced by the novels and the art styles of Mad Magazine's Mort Drucker and Sergio Aragonés, ran in Weekly Manga Action magazine and became extremely popular. It eventually spawned numerous animated features, including three television series, five theatrical animated films, a live-action movie, and several television specials, which have become an annual Japanese television tradition. What is the appeal of this franchise? What is it that keeps Lupin III on the mind of the Japanese?

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